Is this considered rape?

I met a friend in a pub, I was drunk and went back to his place but I told him that I had a partner and thid was just going to be friends having fun and nothing sexual to happen. This all sounds so naive now but when I was drunk, it sounded like a safe plan... when we were there he started kissing me and undressing, I said no, I have a partner and he said no one has to no. I said no again and he said its a bit too late and continued to finger me. He then said its up to me but before I even had a chance he put his penis in me. I said no a good few times but he just acted as if he didnt hear me. After he stopped I rolled over and started to cry. He didnt even say anything about it. It all seems so odd and Im now even thinking that maybe it wasnt rape and even if it was, I deserved it. I cant tell my partner, he'd up and leave. I just feel so sick to my stomach and so confused. I could really do with someone to talk to.

To answer your question, this I would personally consider rape. It's not as brutal and cruel as all of the other rape stories I've seen and heard, but this is considered rape. Rape can happen to anyone, and at any time. You told him to stop, but he continued to push you into doing it, which is considered rape. It isn't your fault, and you should report his behaviour to someone if you already haven't.

the fact you have no consent, he uses force to fullfill his intention against your will, that categorizes a crime of rape. you said you are dunk at that time, who are you to resist the force of a man?


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