Was this rape... and if so was it my fault?

Me and my friend went out for a couple of drinks yesturday, she bumped into a guy that she liked and wanted to go back with him to his cousins. After about half hour of them persuading me to go too, I gave in on the circumstances that nothing sexual happened. They both agreed. However as soon as I got there he started taking my top of and undressing me, i took my friend to the toilet and I said I was feeling really awkward about it all. But then she went and left me jn the house alone with the cousin while she went back yo the guys house!. He carried on undressing me and eventually I said no, he said it was a bit late now, but its up to me. I said I cant and yet he proceeding in inserting. I said no about three times after that. He was drunk, more so than me... I feel as though this was my fault as I didnt put up much of a fight, as this guy used to be in the army and if im honest I was terrified. But im 18, I should have known better than to go back to his, but I cant help feeling hurt and absolutely betrayed by my friend. I feel as though I brought it all on myself... Hes 30 and im 18, I just felt so pressured and when I did say no he inserted himself into me, please someone answer. Was this rape?

First of all, rape is never your fault. Ever. Even if you believe you didn't put up much of a fight (I believe you put up plenty :)) I do believe that this was rape, because you said "No.", and he honestly didn't respect that.

i feel that because of the age difference and pressure he put on you in making you believe you didn't have a choice, it was rape. we all think we should've known better, but honestly, you shouldn't have to worry about something like that happening either. you're going to feel a lot of things, what you need is to find someone you can trust and talk about your feelings with, whether it's guilt, hatred, fear, everything you felt. believe me, keeping it to yourself is a hundred times worse. just know you're always worth more than what anyone does to you, we all make mistakes, and having something bad happen to you isn't one of yours, it's his. you have options to report it if you want to.

elements of a crime of rape is present. force was used against your will.


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