dont know if it was rape or not

ok so on friday i was hanging out with a friend in my room and he was watching me play pokemon. he touched my hand kept pretending to touch me accidently when i asked him to please stop. he then kissed me and said we had to do it. i didnt want to do it. then h took his pants off and made me touch his dick. he held my hand there and wouldnt let go till i played with it like he wanted. he then kissed me somemore and started to take my clothes off of me. i wanted him to stop but he just kept saying no we have to do it. he started playing with my vagina and started to finger me and eat me out. i asked him to stop but he wouldnt. then he put a condom on and got on top of me. he put his dick inside my vagina and i told him to stop but he just kept going harder and harder. i dont know if i was raped or not. help please?

I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. You should (1) Get a morning after pill (2) Visit a doctor to get tested both for pregnancy and std's

I suggest you first call the number on this site, though:1.800.656.HOPE 
Things will be okay. 

Rape is the unconsented to sexual acts against a person. Even if he had only touched you with your clothes on, it is considered rape. This was obviously rape because you did not consent. You need to tell someone immediately. What he did was NOT okay.

yes you  were raped dear ..... If you said no then he raped you..... I'm so sorry to hear  it if you need any help i'm hear for you 

absolutely rape! a mere touch of your body without your consent is considered rape.

HI i am so sorry that you have experienced this and know that you are not alone and there are people who you can talk to and will listen and help you anyway they can. What happened to you was horrendous, but you are not alone and there is support out there.  Thinking of you xx    l emon232

Msh thank you for lending advice.  I'm not sure you noticed but the original post was over a year ago.  And she hasn't posted here in a long time. But she has logged in.  

I am sorry to hear that you had to go through something like that. But if he did force you to do certain things that you told him repeatidly not to do, then yes, that would be considered rape and sexual harassment as well. I'm always a message away if you need anything.

so i finally told my parent a year later and they got me help but when i told them abou it i also told them about all the rapes from when i was little the started when i was only 8 years old i never told anyone. i have kept all sexual assults to my self for years and has caused many problems. i am on the waiting list to get special therapy and all but i never pressed charges i dont know why but i didnt so i still have to go to school with guy. on my 18th birthday he started harrassing me again showed me the knife and said if i tell he will kill me. i took my three knives out and said try it cuz i had been taking self defence classes and even though he may be stronger i let him know he wasnt winning this. after that rape i tried to kill myself it was my parents anniversary and were in mexico. so i didnt kill myself. now im glad im still alive because now i can help prevent this from happening to other girls too. thank you to all who have tried to help me it means alot to know that so many care. its now been a year and a half since the last rape and school starts tuesday. i am slightly scared of going back because im all alone at school and i know he isnt going to stop bothering me anytime soon.


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