Not rape but uncomfortable...

I'm sorry guys. I didn't really know where don't post this but anyways I had to get it off my chest. I was at a basketball game last Friday and I went to the concession stand with my friend Anna. So I'm standing in line and this older man (maybe between 40 and 50) comes up and stands behind me in line. It's sorta packed in there so he's close but...he unnecessarily close to me. Like he could back up. Then he asks me what I'm ordering in my ear and it scared me but I turn to him and grin and say "A hotdog" and he goes "Yeah me too" and he rubs my back. Like around my bra hook area. And it made me so uncomfortable and my friend saw it and was like "WTF..." So he keeps talking to me but he's super close to my face. I finally order and I'm like and find out they're out of hotdogs and he comes up next to me and goes "Oh man they're out!" And I'm just like "..yeah" because he's standing so close to me that people would probably assume we were a couple... So I order popcorn instead. And I stand off to the side to wait and I tell me friend Anna "Yo why is he so close to me and keeps touching me ew." So I finally grab my popcorn and fast pace walk back towards the gym and he SOMEHOW manages to catch up with me and he bumps his popcorn to mine and goes "hey look were twins" and I'm freaked out at this point becaus he won't leave me alone. So I try to walk ahead of him and as I'm walking he runs his fingers through the back of my hair and rubs my back again. But it wasn't like a kind was sexual and not good and I could just feel it in my intuition. Now I have no idea who this man was or if he was someone's dad. But usually parents that know me say "Hey Kay!" Or I know who they are. I've never seen this man and it made me so upset and uncomfortable that he kept groping me like that, and touching my upper back and even my lower back towards my butt area. Should I have told someone else? 

These situations are always tricky, because no matter how uncomfortable these people make you feel, whenever you tell someone, they'll go "it was probably no big deal, you're exaggerating!", and you'll end up believeing it. The way he treated you was NOT okay, but since you were so surprised by his approach you were probably just too shocked to even say anything and you just tried to be polite and walk away. I'm very glad you weren't alone though. In the future, don't try to be polite to stangers that act like this, and if you dare, tell them to just back off and leave you alone. Don't be scared if you're surrounded by people, he can't hurt you, and if you get really uncomfortable, speak loudly to him and tell him to get away from you and stop touching you. People will hear you and he will get scared and leave.

If you're still feeling weird about this, tell your family and ask them for advice! But since he didn't hurt you I think you can feel safe and move on with your life, just try to take distance from these men in the future, don't talk to them at all, just ignore them! :)

I would have told him to stop touching me. Things like that are not ok in my books. 



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