It's a continuing circle

I was raped only 2 weeks before my 15th birthday. I still look back on that day and think of it being my fault... Most of everything that has happened since then has been bad. Except the fact that I just recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 1 year. But now what he doesn't know is my uncle is trying be be sextual with me and i'm too scared to tell anyone. So I just let it happen oveer and over and over again. Pretty much all the men in my family do this to me and i just want it to stop, but how do i get that to happen? I am scared.. I have no where left to go and i'm only 16. I can't leave because im being home schooled so how do i deal with this?

Oh my... Jasmine you need to tell someone about this! Tell your boyfriend, tell a woman in your family, tell someone you really trust. If you really trust someone you will be able to tell them, and if you can't, then you need to contact the police or a psychologist because this has to end! You are being completely destroyed and it hurts me to read this, I can't imagine the fear and pain you are going through... I really wish I could help you more.

Tell are better than that just to let them do this to you. You don't have to be know what they are? They are pedophiles and need to own up to their actions and pay the price. 

Tell anyone you can. What's happening isn't right and you deserve to feel safe and to not be hurt. If you need to talk you can always mesage me

Felt sorry for that Jasmine. Find someone whom you think you can trust. Talk to a religious person whom you know, talk to the police. talk to a psychologist and always keep praying. what happend to you should end. God bless you

Please tell some one. I am going though the same thing and no its not fair at all it. Its not your fault it is never your fault  their the ones who are sick in the head!  But please tell some one I know it is scary to tell but it will help you I promise I will be praying my hardest for you.

Notify law enforcement. Do NOT let this go unpunished. You're saving another victim's life if you notify the police.

Notify the police pronto, this is unjust and cruel. You cannot allow yourself to be hurt over and over again by these horrible human beings, you have the right to feel happy and safe in your life and future marriage. Notify the police or someone you trust in your family please. If you need anything feel free to message me.


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