molested by guys, set up for something i didnt do, then gang raped.

i started getting moledted by this guy and a few of his friend when i was 17. he was alway calling me a slut, whore, skank, etc and I thought I burned in hell because of the fornification. I felt like it was my fault because of my bodies uncomfortable and unsetlling reaction. a few years later he and a bunch of his friend (i mean A  BUNCH) got mad at me for telling my story and gang raped me. it was horrible...saying i was a slut, putting gross things on my body, etc. with their bitchy cunty little girl friends sitting there calling me a slut too. they peed and defecated on me...said i was a trashy whore...and left me to die.

im so sorry this happened to you! you should tell someone, what they did they could be arrested for. it's totally not okay. i wish i could do more to help! just tell someone, like your parents. stay strong :smileywink:

That is horrible I am so sorry don't listen to them and she's right you do need to talk to someone and call the cops.

animal behavior thay have done to you, sorry for that. you should get them arrested.

Wow their monsters and their girlfriends are no better standing by ,a lot of the time people are haters and I know how cruel people who hold a lot of hate and negativity in can be ,they have no respect for themselves and can turn into should tell an authority figure you trust .dont let them define you though because everything they called you they were yelling at themselves,keep your head up(:  feel free to message me if you wanna chat.


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