my best friend just tried to kill herself.

my dad's already tried, and now we have no relationship. she just tried and shes already tried 2 times before this, i dont know how to feel. i feel angry, sad and confused almost (it's hard to describe). I really want to be her friend through this though. I want to offer her my support but idk. I feel angry rn. Almost like I don't want to talk to her rn.


ask her what will help.

give her hope that she won't have to suffer forever, that there are treatments, if she can hang in there. She needs hope.

often listening itself helps.?

Since you're having these feelings, you may want someone to talk to too. Someone who will just listen.

take care of yourself. Then you can better care for others.

ask her how she feels, and what will help.

Best wishes. Thank you for caring.


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