If I Breakup With My Boyfriend.....

My boyfriend is kinda annoying. He said that if I break up with him, he's going to commit suicide. I only have until the end of the school year to be with him (he's moving to Texas this summer, we plan on breaking up then, (he's not going to commit suicide if we break up then) because we don't want a long distance relationship). What should I do?

P.S.- I kinda want to breakup with him.

Wow it's hard to know if he's serious or just saying that.

Is he seriously depressed?

Hey there, I am sorry to hear that your boyfriend is saying this. I myself have been in a similar experience a few years back, it is actually a very strong form of emotional blackmail, and abuse. You need to explain to your boyfriend that, what he is saying is not ok and not fair. He can not force you to stay with him by making you feel such guilt. Perhaps if you are concerned with the extent that he may carry out that threat then you need to talk to somebody within authority, who can help to keep not only him but also you safe in this situation.

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The thread can die, since I didn't break up with him, and we're not going to break up, we're going to have a suspended relationship.


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