i actually have a secret instagram account calling thinkpositiveangel
i follow everyone back, i dont just and i post quotes that relate to recovering
sometimes depression, just depends how i feel as i do suffer with depression
and anxiety. I just would like to help and thats why i have my account of 2000+
followers and i follow them all back because i want to help and suport them and 
let them know they arent alone. so if you would like, come by :)) <33
smile and stay sstrong please, it does get better honestly.

Every now and then I think about commiting suicide because I feel like my friends hate me and I feel like no one truly cares about me. My parents and boyfriend say they do but I feel they are just saying that cause they don't want to hurt my feelings. I don't know what to do anymore. Please help.

Have you ever talked to anyone about how you feel? Taking your life is won't show you how much someone loves you. You have to love yourself too. Even if everyone loves you and you don't love who you are than you will feel insecure about your relationships. I'm sure that your parents love you very much and they want you to see how amazing you are. They wish you could picture yourself through their eyes. Give yourself a chance to find out what it means to be you. Be patient with yourself and kind to yourself. You're a beautiful girl!?

Jesus loves you and He wants you to experience the fullness of joy in this life. Trust Him and you will learn what it means to be loved and to love yourself. You were fearfully and wonderfully made, knit together your mother's womb. He took special care to make you, don't let anyone steal that idea from you. He loves and He desires for you to love yourself too. Please don't commit suicide and please go to someone who can help you with these thoughts and feelings.?


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