I considered it many times in the past

i wanna share my thoughts I've considered suicide many times in the past mostly because of feelings of deep depression and just over whelming loneliness and it never helped that my parents would scream at me for failing my classes as well as always losing jobs but they never bothered to listen to my side of the story all that would happen was I'd tell them I get fired and they've already made up their minds. So as I was crying myself to sleep mostly every night during the week I would think about ending it almost everyday but I'm not really sure how I didn't maybe because little afraid of failing and having it go wrong and having to worry about some health problem that resulted of the failed suicide. But whatever it was I never did it and now sometimes thoughts about doing it have started comin back. Thanks for reading my story and letting me share

I just made this account and im about to answer for the first time, not knowing how old this is but you really arent alone... I definitely know those feelings. Are you okay?? I do care.

I'm ok now sometimes I'll have days where I'm terribly sad and upset but i get through them eventually and feel happier the next day I'd be more than happy to be friends with you if you want :) and feel free to message me when ever you feel down I'm not the best but I know having someone to talk too is more than enough 


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