Reasons to stay

1. Nothing would ever get better.
2. That one person in your life.
3. Everything will get better in time. 
4. All of the memories you have.
5. The sunrise.
6. Death won't relieve any pain
7. Dancing in the rain.
8. Smiles
9. Music
10. Children's laughter
11. You are a beautiful person
12. The courage to live is greater than the courage to take your life
13. The stars
14. Your favorite animal
15. Everday is a new day
16. Bubble Baths
17. The compliments that brighten everyone's days (given and recieved)
18. The grief of those that care about you
19. LIfe is a beautiful thing
20. The little things that make life great
21. The feelings of the person that would find you. 
22. Singing (sometimes poorly) in the shower
23. Car rides 
24. Friends, family, and even acquaintences that will grieve over you disappearing from life
25. You are a precious human being
26. Share your story and help others going through similar situations
27. When chocolate melts in your mouth
28. Don't become a statistic or another story on the news.
29. All of the words you have left to say, hear and even learn
30. Freshly baked cookies
31. The smell right after it rains
32. The smell after you mow the grass
33. That favorite activity you go to when you're upset
34. Your favorite food.
35. The feeling of inhaling and exhaling
36. Feeling your heart beat
37. Warm summer/spring air
38. Fall cookouts
39. Hanging out with your pets (if you don't have any, go work at the animal shelter. It can improve your day)
40. Sipping coffee/tea
41. You have made it this long, so you should see how long you can go.
42. Prove all the other people wrong. 
43. Nobody diserves to die. Nobody should take it to that point.
44. The dreams you will miss out on
45. I want you to keep going. I believe in you. I love you.

This is Josh's story... He committed suicide on 4/30/15. He was a 17 year old boy on the football team. He had many friends and was always the life of the party. He was the one person that seemed to always put a smile on the face of anybody he met. However, Josh was not what he seemed. He was diabetic. He was bullied. No, those were not the only reasons, but he got in a fight during first hour that day and started choking the boy before he was pulled off of him. He was imediatly expelled. Sadly, before third hour, Josh had gone to his grandmother's house and overdosed. The entire school cried. His best friend shattered his phone and walked straight out of the school and went home. His ex girlfriend was hysterical. The teachers cried, the freshmen, sophmores, juniors and seniors cried. There was not a single person with dry eyes that day. Joshy was a very loved person even though he felt the need to take his life. Please, don't cause your community the pain Joshy caused us. Get help. Live.

That's beautiful and tragic.

The one thing keeping me alive is the fact that we only get one chance, if you kill yourself your losing that chance to accomplish your dreams


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