What would a 17 year old girl miss out on if she ended her life? Please read all details

Both good and bad. I'm trying to find some internal reasons to live. Please answer the question instead of lecturing me on how selfish it is, how it's the cowards way out, how people have it worse, or blah blah blah blah blah. I've heard it all in my 5 years of depression and I'm damn sick of hearing it. So please avoid the lectures and your advice and just answer the question if you choose to respond to this forum. Thank you. 


I'm sure you know the answer to "what would a 17yo girl miss out on" .....there's only one answer to that and it's "EVERYTHING"
I mean once you're gone from this world, that's it!
You won't know what you yourself will miss out on because you won't be here to experience anything. Those you leave behind are the real victims.
They're the ones who will know what you're missing out on....every single day for the rest of their lives.
I'm not going to say how you not being here will affect them. You already know and obviously don't want to hear it again, but seriously, you have to think about the devastation it would cause.

Please talk to your therapist/s and make them understand how urgent it is that they get your medication right.
I don't want you to go..........

You Would Miss out on Everything ! I know because I tied to commit suicide and failed! now my parents have taken everything from me. (It sucks) 
heres a list of things you would miss out on.. 

Homecoming .... PROM !!!! 
Tunring 18 and being freeeeeeeeeeeeee
college epic parties !!! 
tunring 21 and drinking the night away 
clubs and parties 
holdays and family !!!!! 
meeting that special someone ;) 
having kids and starting a family .. 

the list goes on and on. The most important thing to know, Is that you will miss out on life ! Life is what you make it . make memories !!! live everyday as if it was your last and fill it with joy and happiness ! 

P.S. I met someone and am SOOOOO glad i stayed on earth ! you can too ! 

Its your life and you only get one !!!! live it the way YOU want to live it ;) 

Hello there,
First I want to say I'm sorry for whatever you're going through sometimes lifes not fair. But if you die today you will never know if it gets better and trust me at 17 the only thing I gauretee in you're life is thier will be changes. Life can seem so bleak. Accually I signed on to talk about how much I thought I deserve to die, but reading your post took me back to when I was 17 a new mom and haveing my mother die and how unfair I thought the world was and how much I wish I could of killed myself(I tried I OD on xanax) but if I would of went that day I would of missed out on alot of good. Don't get me wrong I've been throw alot of bad too, but I know the good will come again. Its just the time in between. If I were you I'd try to change one big thing in my life thats making me sad and work of that. Sometimes the impossible is possible and we'll never know if we don't try. Keep you head up baby girl lifes  perfectly imperfect.


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