What is a mental hospital like?

I feel really suicidal and think that for my own safety, I should go to a mental hospital next week (I am too busy this week). What are they like? I've been in the hospital for physical illnesses, but never for a mental illness...

Well, I had a suicide attempt 26 months ago, but I wasn't hospitalized for that, just was in the ER for the 7 hours.


Well it depends on the place. I've visted a friend in the county Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF "puff"). It's a lot smaller than we need, so only the most really out of it clients end up there, and everyone else is turned away. (You'd probably be turned away, since you're clear minded enough to write a forum post.) The staff is pretty nice.

Then there's our actual hospital itself, which is a very nice hospital with a good reputation. I've visted a friend in their psych unit. It's nice and quiet. More regular normal people in there, and again the staff is really nice and knowledgeable. I think they would counsel you first to assess where you are, how bad off you are, get a feel for what level of service you could benefit from, maybe even recommend alternatives. There may be some outpatient programs that you could benefit from. Get into a 1 hour processing group once a day, or several times a week, or at least once a week, and that can really help. (Of course you could probably also benefit from some antidepressant medication. Nothing to lose by trying it. It'll either do nothing, or you might get lucky and it might help some.)

There might be a Mental Health Association (MHA) in your town. My town has a mental health fellowship club that I can go to during the day. It's free and even the lunch is free. They have processing groups there, and other activities. You just need a note from your doctor to get in. (I haven't been there in a long time since I've been doing fine for a long time now, but it's still there and available to me.)

I've never seen a place like "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". I think they only exist in movies, or maybe in an earlier era before my time.

Mostly make an appointment with your doctor or psychiatrist doctor and try some medication. Or if you're already on medication, tell your doctor it isn't working and try a different medication. You may have to try several different medications before finding one that magically fixes you. (It's so sweet to not be depressed anymore.)

Best wishes!

It depends on the facility. . I have never been to one but there are people who are open about their experiences. Nobody should paint a pretty picture. It's not a place where you want to be but sometimes it's a place where you have to be. If you could talk to a friend, a family member and be honest, they could try to help you with this. Whatever you do, do not take your life. Don't take your future away from yourself. If you have to check in, you have to. Things get better. There are good days. They might seem far away but they are there. 

I ended up going last June and am currently working on typing my experience there 

I have never been admitted to a mental hospital but I was in a mental ward for about 2 weeks. It was a fairly small ward with 10 people (2 people per room). If you've ever seen the movie 'It's Kind Of A Funny Story" then it's basically exactly like that. Personally, they didn't help my depression & suicidal thoughts at all but they did help with my anxiety. They basically have you see a psychiatrist every day and get you to go to group and do some school hours. They really, really did not want us to befriend eachother there but when I went, there were great people so I loved meeting them. The food there is shit because it's hospital food. Also, depending on your situation will affect how long you stay there. I saw some people just sleep there overnight and go home the next morning. They can also start you on a form (which I wasn't started on since I was a "voluntary admission".. or so they say) and you can get form 1 which makes you stay for 3 days, then there's form 2 which makes you stay 1 week and then there's form 3 which makes you stay 2 weeks. I think I covered all the main areas of a mental ward. I'm from canada so that's how it works here, it may work differently in other places in the world.. idk. P.S you also get schedules for your day, weekends are really chill and you basically do nothing. And we had this thing called quiet time where we would go to our rooms for half an hour after every meal. Hope this helped :)

My friend told me that the teens center at the hospital is alright. You can hang out and stuff and it's generally pretty chill. But the adults center is another story. When you turn 18, they take you out of bed fifteen minutes before midnight and make you pack up right there. They don't stop adults from fighting, unless one of them looks like they're about to die.

But I'd take that with a grain of salt.


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