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Being a teenager myself, I understand the highs and lows of adolescence. I also know that sometimes you just need somebody to talk to and give you advice.
That's why I'm here - I have personal experience with suicide and self harm.
Check out my website at www.asksisterjane.webs.com  
I hope I can help!.

Hi im arwa and i have a crazy time going on for me. My parents no longer trust me, i fell out with 2 of my best friends a few months back, and a boy who was "permenately excluded" from school is coming back. This boy beat me up a year ago, gave me a black eye, split my gum and made my nose bleed so accidnetly stepping on his foot. i think i am generally a strong girl inside not to sound cocky or anything but this guy, i have nightmares about him. im 16 and this past week ive been sleeping in my parents room. My "ex bestfriends" are also getting really rude, theyd say those rude comments when im walking past or try trip me up. I feel alone. I was pretty popular at school. But not for good reasons, i was just a straight up bitch but for some reason poeple loveed me for that, i feel weak especially these last two weeks. not only is it my bestfriend and this bully but i have guy problems aswell. My parents are pretty strict and i lost all their trust a few months back when they found out i had a boyfriend. they told me to break up with him several times but i dindt but made them think i did. the last time they foud out i told my boyfreind that we ned rumours to start that we are no longer dating. these rumours satrted. my "ex boyfirnd" best friend then started liking me. i dont like the guy like that but ive told him that and now those two boys are always arguinga nd are no longer friends. ive dedcided to stay out of their probelms but people always come to me and ask me. they are the only guys i can talk to and now this problme is going ona nd i just want to stay far way as poosible but idk what to do. i feel lonely all the time. i just look at peoples pictureesv and videos on snapchat and i just envy them so much. they have so much fun while i sit here watching theyre videos and pictures, eatinga nd sleeping. i really dont knwo what to do.


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