I feel so done

Honestly at this point i just want someone to hear me out.... i have lived a tough childhood where my mom was always working because we were not well off and my dad didn't bother helping. life was tough, i grew up independtly because i was supposed to be strong, and so emotions were the last thing we cared about. but now that i am much older all the times i couldnt cry, all the abuse that i experienced and all the lonely times are? catching up to me. i dont think i have felt this depressed in years even if i want to cry i cant, even if i want to smile i cant. i dont want to see anyone and i dont care about anything anymore, my heart constantly feels heavy as if theres a huge weight.? i want to see my mom for more then 10 minutes in a day but i cant ask her because thats selfish of me. i feel so done ive been having suicidal thoughts too. It has become harder to feel confident, happy, and joy. i feel chocked up but i cant let anything out....

Thank you for sharing. Sorry I did not see this earlier.


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