the right therapist?

Hi girls. I have a few questions for anyone who is already seing someone that would really help me out.
How long have you been going to therapy?
Is it a therapist, psychiatrist, or other doctor? I have no idea which one to look for
How long until you told them about cutting?
What made you comfortable telling them?
Did they inform your parents of it?
Has it helped you since you've been going?

I've been seeing both for years.

Psychiatrist = medical doctor (cutters should see this person. They know all about it. They'll treat the underlying depression, get you well, and cutting will naturally cease. You won't live in agony anymore.)

Psychologist / LMFT = talk therapist. Helpful to get through the rough times until you are well. (I prefer the term life coach.)

I believe neither will tell your parents anything without your permission. That's a good question to ask them. Probably good to have a knowledgeable person explain it to your parents.

I suggest start with your regular doctor (may save $) who will either start you on an antidepressant medication or refer you to a psychiatrist doctor. ?Or, you can start directly with a psychiatrist.

You may shop around for both. Try someone, if you don't feel comfortable with them, try someone else.

Best wishes. We finally found a medication that works for me and it made all the difference in the world. Keep hope and keep trying! :)


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