Going,Going ,Gone

​I'm new at this but I need to talk to someone. I have been cutting since 7th grade and now i'm in 10th. I have good periods where i feel like myself but then i get in this periods where all i seem to do is only focus on the bad things in my life. I question who i am? I guess the cutting for me is phyiscal pain to numb the mental pain. I have told someone i thought would help and they told me that i needed to stop doing this because i want attention and that not everything is about me. Please help me find a reason to stop cutting because everyday i see this scars and i'm disguised with my self. If anyone can help please do. Without you i'm going to be going,going,GONE.

Hey Faith07,
Do you have the habit of cutting yourself only during your periods or do you do it often?? Anyway this is not good for your health and not good for the one who's around you. You will never gain anything by hurting yourself. There ae a lot of ways to get rid of mental pain. Physically hurting yourself is actually something very bad. Just think for a moment if someone you love hurt themselves. How will you feel at that moment?? This is not the solution for your problems. Don't be a coward. Be bold and brave. Think about your life when you are alone and take a good decision. Stop hurting yourself today and start a new life. Always keep a smile and it will give you a positive energy. Problems may come and go, we should find the happiness in that situation too. No more scars okay. Hope to get a positive reply from you.

Cutting is just a symptom of a deeper problem. Fix the deeper problem.

Depression and mental pain of this nature is a medical condition which is treatable. You may have to try numerous antidepressant medications before finding the one that works for you, but the search is worth it because you'll feel so much better and more normal.

Keep hope that it is treatable.

You may also try Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, exercise, ice.

Psychiatrist doctors are familiar with treating this. It's what they do. Also other patients will understand (which is why I understand).

Best wishes. Any doctor can start you on antidepressants. Also check out NAMI and see if they have anything in your area.


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