Suicidal Friends

Hi. I found out earlier today that 3 of my friends have attempted suicide in the last 2 weeks. We were just talking about self-harm, we all cut/ burn skin/ self-mutilate, and it just came up. I am thinking about starting a sort of 'therapy' by cutting myself. 

Before you all go 'woaahh you crazy attention seeking person' - let me explain my reasons.

I have been self-harming since the start on year 7, the same as most my friends (some later and some earlier) but I have never attempted suicide, but I am considered by my doctor as a self-mutilation addict. I have recently been diagnosed with dysthymia (minor depression) and I feel worthless and pointless, likeI have no reason for being alive. I don't cut with a sharpener blade or knife like some of my friends, I just deeply scratch myself with a compass. After finding out the reasons behind my friends attempts at suicide, I thought about how I should help them. Talking, from my own experience, is stressful and doesn't help, reporting them to a teacher so that they can get help, doesn't helpand if anything results in another attempt. I thought that as I don't cut as severly as them, I would tell them to write down all their problems on their arm and mine and one by one and I would scratch them all away by the next day, whilst they wash each problem of their arm with water and soap. 

In the conversation I had between my friends, I realised that they all cared about what other people did, but what they did to themselves was fine. This is why I think that it may resolve problems. They all care about each other, so if we all share our problems like we do now, then I think that we will be able to find a better way to overcome self harm together. The contrast between the clear, scar-free skin and the cut skin might show them that cutting is not the best way forward, and suicide definitely isn't.

I know thismight sound crazy, but (as sad as it is) it gives me purpose. I have talked to 2 friends in the same boat, but not suicidal, and they think that it would work. I just wanted to get your opinions, and see if you thought there were any other ways I could help my friends.

It sounds like you have a good start already. ?Is there a support group in your area? ?If you all went together, you might be more likely to go! ?It's really terrible to lose friends to suicide (I've lost two), and there is SO much more to life. ? You sound like you could be a really positive role model for your friends. ?I have one friend, and we use each other for help. ?Whenever we feel like cutting, we call or text each other just saying "I'm calling you instead" and we talk about why we feel like harming, and what is going on in our lives, and other possible outlets. ?Many times we just end up talking so long that the feeling passes and we're able to move on, unharmed. ?Good luck!


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