Am I just overreacting?

I used to cut a little, but mostly just scratches and only because I had friends who did, and they said it would help me when I was sad to forget about my problems. I never took it very far, and when I realised it didn't work I quit, This ened about a year or so ago.
but lately when im upset or  stressed, sometimes I've woken up with little  cuts on my wrist. Could I be like..sleep cutting? or am I just maybe not even noticing I've cut myself on my nail or something?

and to clarify, when I innitially stopped this happened to me for about a month. but that was a long time ago, so I dont know why this would happen?
any advice would be much appriciated! <3

Doesn't sound like you're a cutter, since you said it didn't work,

which is a good thing, means you're not that depressed, yet.

Do you have long sharp fingernails?

Could you be tossing and turning in your sleep?

One way to deal with stress is to distract/redirect your thoughts onto something else so you're not brooding over what's stressing you. Another technique is to find someone who's a good listener who you can tell your problems to, and somehow that makes it feel better when someone just listens. (They don't have to fix the problem, listening itself is the fix.) Joining a group that meets regularly helps satisfy our inborn need to "herd" together. 

Best wishes, and I hope the stress lightens up!


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