Does anyone else ever carve words into themselves?

or am i just super weird?

No, I do that sometimes... Not as much as regular parallel lines, but sometimes. Like "I'm Fine" and such.

usually they tend to be words that contradict what im doing or strong descriptive/vivid words.

i ususally do negative words like "fat", "bitch" "fuck up", :"worthless", etc

Nope, I've had and got loads of words carved into my skin, mostly on my thighs and stomach, mostly stuff like 'fat' 'ugly' 'bitch' 'worthless'. You're not weird in any way whatsoever. I've had quite a few of my scars covered up with my massive thigh tattoo but they're still there.

I use to, on my stomach. I've carved "Alone", "Failure" and "Kill me".


I once carved 'perfect' into my arm like P!nk does in the video for her song 'Perfect'. That was a really low time for me! It's not normal but neither is it something to be ashamed of. If you need any advice, feel free to inbox me :) 

i have . you're not the only one

Your not alone on this Alot of people do.
Or at least I know I do. 
Alot of it is just Like I'm sorry and I tried.


yes. I used to carve words on my thighs so no one would know but my partner seen them, I don't even cut anymore because she helped me through it. I used to carve words I got called when I was bullied so I could remind myself. Now the scars make me feel strong and proud I got over it. It's a hard thing to overcome but it's worth it in the end. I hope everyone who harms can accomplish overcoming it and feel strong and proud for doing so. X

I have the words help on my arm and two different places on my thigh/ hip , I never hid my arms , so i though somine would see and know i needed help but it never happens

I've wanted to but i can never think of one that I won't regret having there in the future. I always think about maybe putting my girlfriends name to give me strength in the bad times but I never have.

At my lowest I would scratch words into myself like "fuck" and "bitch" and "fat".

I've always just done lines. But you're definitely not alone in the fact that you do it. 


I do that all the time. I keep saying I'll stop, but then I do it again. But when i Look at them again, I know that they aren't true. I used to carve "You aren't worth it" and "Nobody wants you". But if feel free to inbow me. 

What about the name of someone?

I've never carved someone's name before but I do have the words "worthless" and "fat" carved into me

You are definitely not alone on doing this, though i personal don't cut, but i do know lot of people carving words in their skin when depressio kicks. And for me, i don't find it weird, you just expressing your emotion.

I didn't exactly do it myself it was done to me but couple years ago I had the word WHORE carved into my chest just above my boobs so it made it super hard for me to wear the low cut shirts or do anything really without having a constant reminder of what was done to me

I carved an infinity sign with a heart going through it on my thigh... i cant wear shorts really

I have 3 words on my hips i recently quit and im done for good. I have chris(my ex-bf name on left hip an kill an over on right

still have the scar of the word die on my arm


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