Has anyone been able to stop?

I've honestly been trying to stop ever since I started cutting 5 years ago. I got about a month this time but then I just cut again like 5 minutes ago because I was feeling fat. (stupid I know) 
So has anyone been able to stop? How did you do it? Thanks.

I have been able to in fact haven't cut for about five soon to be six years. For me it was as easy as leaving my old school because the bullying was horrible and my body weight was one of the things that they bugged me about. Long story short I think it was just cutting negitave things and people out of my life.

I was a cutter for almost 5 years before I quit. It was hard at first, but usually if you can find someone to rely on or something else to use as a coping mechanism. It was difficult for me at first because I didn't have anything else to do when I started getting those thoughts, but my boyfriend was constantly with me to keep me from doing anything. I found that roleplaying helped (like writing a story via posts on a forum with other people). I made a lot of friends on those sites too, which can also help greatly. I quit for four years and only relapsed recently due to a variety of stressors. It also helps to get rid of anything you use or could use. Then when you have the urge to do so, it's more difficult since you don't have anything to do it with.

I have been a cutter since I was 11, now I'm 18 and I've been clean for about a year because of my boyfriend. I've never been able to stop self harming though. I've just learned to do it in unnoticeable way, bruises. But thats only me, lots of people have overcome self harm, its all about how much you want to and how much support you have

I am 22 and have been struggling with cutting for ten years. My problem was mild compared to some, it was never very addictive and always small cuts and cutting areas. In time of severe stress I have relapsed, and I think about it a lot still. I have not cut in a year and a half. 

I'm 18, I started cutting when I was 12. There have been times where I'd stop for a few weeks to a month. Only once have I been able to go a little over a year without cutting. Back in junior year of high school, I went the entire year without it. Then I moved to a different school right before senior year (which I was completely ok with, and I actually wanted to move since I had a lot of problems with my ex boyfriend at my old school), and I was really happy until about 3 months into it. The school didn't make me unhappy. I had made a bunch of new friends and I was getting good grades, but I just missed the feeling really badly and I was still overcoming a lot of issues with myself and things from my past. Now, after starting college, I relapsed in October, and I haven't stopped. 

I was a cutter for three years and just recently was able to stop. For me, it can be really hard, but I have to convince myself not to. I didn't cut from being suicidal it just calmed me down when I was anxious or stresssed or sad or angry, but I knew I still needed to stop. When it was about my dad or people who bullied me I just told myself, this is what they want, they wanted to fuck up your life, they want you to be miserable, don't give in to them. And although I would hate myself even more if I ever did it, it helped me stop. Happiness is the best form of revenge. If it was a body issue I'd suggest exercizing instead, it releases the same kind of endorfines and you'll feel better about your body. If it was anxiety I would clean or cook to calm myself down, or I'd go on a run or just sit in the woods or my yard and just be alone with myself for a while. When it gets really bad I focus on my friends' problems rather than my own. If I need to be strong for someone it's a lot easier to be strong. Just rememeber that even if you feel better after cutting, it'll always end badly. You'll feel better being happy than being hurt.

I've stopped since November 1, 2013 and sometimes I think about it but I remind myself that if I've been strong since then , then I can still stay strong. I still cry myself to sleep at night but I refuse to harm myself anymore. You have to tell yourself that you're better than depression, zchizo, or whatever you deal with.

I quit for a long time, I've passed that twelve week rule to break a habit or whatever. And then I relapse. Again and again and again. I'm in the same boat as you. I keep hoping that somehow I can escape this, but I'm just not sure anymore. 

The longest i sent without cutting was 2 months and that was because of my boyfriend. burt then once he broke up with me the cutting has become worse. ill be 17 this year and i started cutting 3 years ago. ive tried controlling the urge to cut but i just dont know how to. i'm scared that my cutting is going to get so bad that even when im happy i may go and cut just to see that i'm not dreaming cause im so used to being sad all the time.


I used to self harm - cutting included. What really helped was talking to people I could trust and instead of cutting, I put an elastic around my wrist and pulled it when I felt like cutting. It worked like a charm. I also rewarded myself if I could go a certain amount of time without cutting. I haven't self harmed for nearly two months.

I hope I helped. Good luck in your journey to recovery!

Lea2014:Hi!I used to self harm - cutting included. What really helped was talking to people I could trust and instead of cutting, I put an elastic around my wrist and pulled it when I felt like cutting. It worked like a charm. I also rewarded myself if I could go a certain amount of time without cutting. I haven't self harmed for nearly two months.I hope I helped. Good luck in your journey to recovery! 

Nicely put

i started cutting when i was 11 years old all because my 16 year old boyfriend broke up with me. i then was put into the hospital. i went into a hospital 13 times in 5 years. when i was 16 my girlfriend and i broke up after 8 months. that girl meant so much to me but i couldnt keep arguing with her and thats all she wanted to do. i cut and was put in the hospital. when i was 17 i tried to kill myself for the 3rd time in my life and this time i was on life support for 3 days. they had talked to my mom about pulling the plug that evening if i didnt start responding. i did and here i am i havent hurt myself since because i saw all the support posted on my fb about it and i know people care. 

if you need help, need to talk, message me. ill give you my number.


They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit and a few months t break it. You can always put and elastic band around your wrist and evey time you have the urge to cut yourself, pull the elastic band. I tried this and it more painful than cutting.

I have. I cut myself for about six months my sophomore year of high school, but I haven't in over a year. I don't know what really helped me -- I set a goal that if I was cast in my school's musical, which I was, I would stop, which I did except for one slipup, but honestly I think what helped me most was spending time with people who I knew loved me. I didn't tell them about the cutting until later but it helped to have people there. Try and find good people to surround yourself with and when you're having self-harm thoughts, reach out to them, or find something that can distract you. Online friends can be great support systems too. 

I stopped before and didn't do it for almot 2 years. I think the reason was that self harm just didn't fit in my life anymore - there were other things to do, and I felt better about things. I guess a lot of things got better, and that's why I stopped. During the time when I was free from self harm I didn't miss it at all - it's wonderful not doing it. I really hope that you'll be able to stop. The longer you manage without it, the easier it gets.

When I feel like I have the urge to cut I try to tell someone, play a game, watch TV, take a bath, go for a walk, or do something else to keep me busy. I like it the most when I have a friend that I trust to talk to, or text.

I'm thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

I started self injuring myself at 13 and stopped at 16-17 (not sure when my last relapse was). I'm 21 now and I haven't cut myself since. I have burned myself and I've started smoking, though, so I can't say I have amazing solutions. When I get stressed I need something to numb it and I tend to get addicted to it.

But it is definitely possible.

Back in high school I cut, and stopping was a process.  I used "snapping" (the elastic band) as a coping method.  It's hard to not cut when you have that feeling....I'm 24 now and had a feeling of cutting only months ago when I haven't cut in years!!  Needless to say, I was able to cope with snapping.

It's nice to have a support friend, someone whom you can call and say "Hey, I'm feeling low, can you get my mind off of this?"  
Maybe find an activity for your hands or something that will releast endorphins the same way.   Sometimes I would go outside and run as fast as I could around the block, or do as many pushups as possible until I was exhausted.

You will be able to stop, and it feels good to have your skin exposed and to not have to worry about anything.

Thoughts are with you!

I have been clean for 25 days!! It's a big deal for me..I have suffered from depression and anxiety for 7 years..and I've been battling an Ed for about 4...It gets better...I've had a few bad days, but you get over it. One thing that's helped me is Pinterest. I have a really awesome recovery page http://www.pinterest.com/jessicahillmon5/recoverymotivation/ please check it out!! 
Also, message me any questions or anything..I'm glad to help...!! :) 

I was cutting from the age of 11 (now 21). I cut almost daily for about 5 years, when I was 14, my dad found out. It was the worst thing that could have happened back then (he actually read my diary) and I went straight into therapy. I finally stopped when I left school at 16, I've relapsed a lot since, maybe even annually, but now I feel guilty when I relapse. I don't really know what helped me stop, it just came to a point where I realised I didn't need this anymore. Maybe it was leaving school, maybe my friends and new relationship helped me build my self esteem. I'm not saying I've been happy ever since, I tried to commit suicide around the age of 18, I've definitely had my bouts of depression and the last time I cut was January this year. I truly feel I am satisfied with my life now, maybe even happy, but you won't quit until you're ready and you sincerely want to. 
Im no longer afraid of showing my skin, they are fully healed scars and they are a BIG part of my life, they make me who I am. 
I hope this helps and I am here if anyone ever wants to chat x

I have stopped for over a year now. I cut for about three years but I eventually overcame it, and you can too. For me it was really a situation of when I was ready to stop, because unlike some other people, all the strategies such as drawing on myself or snapping elastic band etc didn't work... some of them helped, but like I said, I eventually found a way to get around all of them. Even when I got rid of my razors, I'd end up scratching myself or whatever. Anyhow, I believe that sometimes in life people have to go through processes, and sometimes one of those processes might be cutting, and even if it's shit, maybe - or maybe not - it's just something which can't be stopped ~at the moment~. One day you can stop, just believe in yourself, and in the mean time, stay safe.

I actually started cutting myself, or some other form of hurting myself, since I was 11. I'm 20 now and haven't cut myself in over a year. I'm a clutz, so I naturally get hurt through that, but believe me, it's possible!! If you need any advice/just someone to talk to who has been through it, feel free to message me at anytime! 

It took my high school teacher to see my arm and find me some real help! I saw a therapist and it helped me in more ways then one! After I graduated therapy I got a tattoo on my arm (where I used to cut) nice and big of my favorite bible verse ( Isaiah 41:13) which that verse helped me through my whole experience! Now if I ever get the urge to cut I look at my tattoo remember the verse and remember that I'm better than that ( also it would mess up my tattoo)! Remember God is always there to help u no matter what and u are stronger then anything life throws at u! God wouldn't let it happen if he didn't think u could handle it! 

I stopped about 5 1/2 years ago,it took a lot of support and love from family and friends.

i have had really bad self image for a long then and I struggled with depression as a teen now as a grown women,I have never felt worse about myself I had a baby and gained a lot of weight and look so far from myself I don't even like looking in the mirror...

Been self harming since I was 12, I am 26 now. I have gone about two years without self harming but have never stopped for longer than this. 

I really had to force myself not to. I can't remember exactly why I stopped; probably because I thought it was stupid and childish and I didn't want to be stupid and childish. Now, almost a year later, I really can't understand how people can't stop. The way I did was I would just do something else until I fell asleep. Then in the morning, I'd wake up not feeling so fucking anxious and, ya know, rinse and repeat. Even if the "something else" was just laying in bed doing absolutely nothing. As long as I wasn't grabbing a razor and dragging it across my leg, I figured literally anything was a better use of my time than that. For the most part I haven't really even had the urge to since I stopped. Especially since I've got a job, between work and school I have like no time for cutting, really. :p Even when I did, I dismissed the feeling because I knew it'd pass, and I've found other ways to cope. Like listen to obnoxious music and dance in my room. Very fun.

i have not cut for about 1 year. i stoped by finding a support sytem my friends family ect. my friend and i made a promise that i would stop while he was gone and every time i think about it i think of him. so you can stop talk to me if you want.


To preface this, I want to explain my history here. I started self harming when I was probably 13 or so. I did it off and on for most of high school, and at some point, I stopped,and that seemed to be it for good. I'm 23 now, and in the years since I "stopped", I've relapsed a handful of times, and it's usually minor.

I can't speak for everyone, and I can't say "Do this this and this and you'll be okay." What I do know is that when everybody says it gets better, they mean it, if only you have hope. I was a depressed kid in an abusive home. I wasn't raised by my parents, and the more I explain, the uglier it gets. I have always held out for a better tomorrow. Through that, I found the strength I needed to face the worst days and my worst thoughts and memories without letting those things destroy me.

There is hope. You're stronger than you know.


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