How to hurt myself WITHOUT marks
I cant stop. Im not going to, cutting is the only thing I actualy have control over in my life. So please dont judge me or tell me im being stupid.. Is their anyway I can feel alot of pain without leaving cuts, bruises, burns and so on? My mum found out that i Self-harm and latley shes bin checking all over my body for marks. Every time I feel upset or im getting screamed at anything like that I think of rubbing a razor on my wrists.. Thanks
There are a few methods that are used in recovery that help to fight off the instant urge for pain. Some people say squeezing a fistful of ice for a few minutes helps give them a somewhat unpleasant sensation without damaging their bodies. Another method is using a FELT-TIP, red marker to draw lines where you want to cut if you want to physically see it on your body and use a "slashing" motion without hurting yourself- also, you can wash it all off once the anger subsides. A few sources recommend pillow-punching, but it's been proven that it can actually make your emotions rage worse than before. Experiment a bit and see if either of these work for you.
rubber bands work to ive been a cutter since i was 11 i am now 17 and just recently stopped but i know one thing i like besides cuttin was snapping rubber bands....

Lit a candle and burn yourself with the candle wax. It doesn't live marks and it's the perfect pain. I started to use this method recently and it works. Enjoy xx

If you can start some form of martial arts, that could help too. I've been training in karate for 7 years, and I find getting stress out in sparring with people and hitting bags to be extremely useful. When sparring, you can get hit with hard body parts such as knees and elbows in places such as forearms and shins easily. It leaves bruises, but with an excuse. Certain impacts will feel deeper, and they'll throb for a while. On me, these can swell up to the point where I look like I have an extra knee or elbow. If you can convince your mom to sign you up for someting like that, saying you heard it's a good way to relieve stress or something, you could potentially have an outlet like that. You could also take up running. I haven't been technically allowed to run for a while, but I've always used it as a stress reliever. One day when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed, I took my shoes and ran a spontaneous 10k. I hadn't trained in months, so the next day was extremely painful. These are pretty out-there suggestions, but they're a different take on things. Good luck!


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