i have some bad scars and i need them gone before my parents find out im cutting. im on a path to stop cutting but these awful scars are not helping any. theres no way to hide this scar it says X I HATE ME in big letters. please, any tips on removing it?
Wish I could help you there but scars have to fade on their own. I always try not to cut too deep so the scars end up lighter then the deep ones that end up so dark on my brown skin.
Use a scrub and bio oil afterwards.
Tbh they aren't gunna ever heal up until you completely stop cutting and then use bio oil I've still got all my scars all up my arm and my stomach and it's been 3 years , it's gunna take time just wear long sleeves but tbh if your cutting you need someone to talk to in still doing therapy that really helps and has helped me stop cutting, and stop being suicidal
try cocoa butter and bio oil
I found that vitamin E cream helped a little with my scars but the main thing was just time

Bio oil is good but if you need a temporary fix to cover up your scars use concealer watch this it really works to fade them.Unfortunately depending on what you used it's unlikely that they'll ever disappear completely.


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