Your Opinion on your Scars
I started cutting frequently quite a long time ago, mainly on both of my arms. So the scars are very noticeable. The ones closest to my wrist are from the deeper cuts, and they healed to look like bad burns. But since there's so much, in every which direction, its hard to pass it off as burns. I've thought of getting something to lighten and get rid of the scars, but I don't know if i want to...they're kind of a reminder of what I've been through. But then again, during the summer its really hard to cover them up, so I really don't know what to do. What are your guys opinions on your scars? Do you want to keep them, and why? Or do you want them gone? Have you succeeded in getting rid of them if that is the case?
Hello. I used to cut and pick at both my wrist/arm and upper thigh. For the longest time I would be soo self consicence and embarrased of the scars. But to me, they are part of me, of who I was, and what I have been through. Most of them are very faint, some faded with time and some from the help of Mederma. I believe its up to you [or the person with the scars], and how comfortable you are exposing them. No one has said much to me about mine. And if they do, so what? Depending on who asks, I can tell them about what it truly is from, or just tell them it was from the past and if I rather not tell them, that I rather not discuss it.  Good luck with it all though <3
I love most of my scars and I wants to keep them for the most part. Theres one thats shaped like a broom that I don't even remember doing or how it ended up shaped that way that I  plan on tattooing over in about a year. Otherwise they are a reminder of where I've been, where I am, and where I never want to end up again.
I hate them. But they fade quickly so... could be worse.
I started cutting when i was 13 and now I'm 16 i cut on both arms everything like parallel both arms both sides i don't mind my scars they aren't my favorite feature and i used to cover them up with make up and such but eventually i stopped covering them up they still aren't my favorite things but they do remind me of where I've been i seem to have found a meeting point where they're faded but still there that way they aren't completely noticeable but they're still there every now and then people ask about them and i don't mind yeah some give me weird looks but i don't care about them the expressions and opinions of people who judge my scars they don't bother me because i know that if they had ever endured such emotional pain then they wouldn't even think about judging so it makes me feel like I've made it through one of the hardest thing a young girl would ever have to go through and it makes me think back and realize how strong I really am so i would never want to fully get rid of my scars they go away but when i tan they come back because they're white. so my opinion find a medium don't lose them fully but if people make you feel uncomfortable then let them fade a little to where you have to actually look.That feeling you get when you've climbed out of the dark hole and broke the chains of pain when you learn that you can do something to make your life better and the choice you make to live a happier life where your free..that feeling is what i always remember when i get down again and that feeling is what keeps me from falling back down.
I am still in a love hate relationship with my scars.... However, I do worry about having them.... I'm currently in college working to be a social worker, and I'm a waitress... With it being summer, I'd love to be worry free... I hate when people see my scars and grab my arm, and just give me a look of disgust... I have some pretty icky scars on my stomach that i'd lick to be rid of, and a few on my legs.... But the ones on my legs, it's kinda like a texture thing... I can't cut anymore on my arms because there simply isn't any room any more, so I can at least feel the wounds... but, I've had a lot of stitches.... and you can see that these wounds were deeper than normal.... and I really don't like that.... I don't have good memories of being hospitalized.... I suppose... If i had to make a choice, i'd like my scars gone... simply because I think it would help me move on.... and it would be like erasing my memories.... and that, i wouldn't mind...
I've got over four hundred scars on my body. Hips,thighs and wrists. Sometimes I absolutely hate them,because I can't wear dresses above my knees,but I've become attached to them. I hate it when they start to fade. I see them as battle scars. They show where I've been,and survived.
i'm coming 17, and i started cutting at 13. i personally love my scars, i think they tell a story. a story of my life, and how i over came everything bad that happened to me. each scar came from a different time/event..and my scars show that i made it through that hard time. but sometimes they are a pain to hide, and my boyfriend hates them! it makes him feel like he's not doing enough to make me happy. so, for that i wish they would fade quicker... but other than that i love how they are able to tell a story about my life.
For the longest time I was ashamed of them tried to get rid of them but now Im not, it shows my past, my emotions. I am not proud of them but I will only hide them around certin people
I don't necessarily want to keep them, but I don't mind them anymore. I don't hide my arms like I used to. This is a year and a half clean, though, so they've all gone white and blend in with my skin fairly well. They're going to be with me for a long time, and that's okay. What's important is that they're scars, not cuts.
I know how you feel, i used cut too. I have scar cream but i really dont want to use it, my scars remind me of everything that has ever happend to me. i dont really want to give that up.
I don't mind my scars. The only time they bother me is when they are cuts. When I see other people with scars or cuts on their bodies, it intrigues me. Not like, "Oh what's wrong with them." But, "They must be a really strong person, what goes on in their life?" So... for me, my scars make me a mystery. And that's how I like it. I don't like to be figured out, I like to be a mystery to the world.
Well I stopped cutting about 2 months ago, and I want to keep my scars. They remind me that I am strong. I stopped cutting on my own cold turkey in May. So everytime I get the urge to cut again I just look at my scars and re-assure myself that cutting isn't the answer(:
Wear a bunch of bracelets or just one large bracelet that's what I do.
Mine aren't very noticeable. Which is good, as I don't really want people to see them and start asking questions, and I don't want to  see them all the time and bring back up all those emotions. But I also feel a little disappointed - like I should have a reminder of what I've been through ... and kinda like a friend is leaving? I don't know, it's weird. What I have noticed though, which is also weird, is that I get REALLY itchy on the arm I used to cut on, particularly when I get really emotional or down, and that urge is coming over me again. Has anyone else had that? I think there are creams and stuff you can get to lighten the scars, plus makeup helps, apparently. I always just used long clothing, or cut somewhere out of sight. I've been cut free for a month or so now - it feels good.
I just read my last post and it made no sense. (: basically I was saying that i didnt like them but i still loved them at the same time they arnt as noticable but i still get self conscious, I was almost proud of them because they were old and they were just history and i didnt care what anyone thought about them. but now I moved in with my mother for family reasons that take to long to explain lol and I meet people and I didnt really care but there was this one guy who i just love talking to and he looks down at my arms and I wonder what hes thinking if he sees them or if hes just touching my arm to touch my arm. I get scared to tell him because I dont want to drive him away and now Im not sure how I feel about them I wish they wernt there or that id at lest know how hed react if I tell him....   JESS3 ......16.......recovered butterfly (cutter)..Had a hard time growing up but still managed to do it.I love my friends and Im proud that I could crawl out of the hole I was in.I know what Its like to feel alone.I know what its like to feel judged.I also know what its like to feel betrayed,hurt,and even though all the things in my past set me back.I came out stronger, smarter, and braver. If anyone ever feels lonely on this site just contact me at and we can chat it up on facebook.Feeling like dirt is not something anyone deserves and Its the one thing I wish I could prevent in this world.
My scars don't bother me anymore. When they were fresh and I had just recently stopped cutting often, I was really ashamed of them. It sucked, because almost all of them are on my upper thighs, making them very noticeable during the summer. But now, they're just another part of me. I did have a couple of larger ones injected with..something. Haha. I honestly don't know what it was. But, the scars were really raised up, almost like a keloid scar, and my dermatologist said it would help. And it did. Those scars pretty smooth now. (:Anyways. I don't worry about showing off my legs anymore. Most people don't say anything about the scars if they do notice them. The only people who do mention them are usually close friends who I'm okay with telling things. My mom loves that I don't cover them up anymore because she takes that as a sign that I don't have any new cuts to hide.
I really don't try to cover my scars up. I sometimes forget to cover them but no one really cares enough to look so it doesn't matter.
I hate my scar they make me regret even picking up a blade. My arms burn when I think about every word that I carved in them, and when people ask me what happened. I wish I wouldnt have turned to cuting i hate the way my arms look and what the say. My scars wont ever go away and when I was cutting I made sure of that. I hate it.


I was a cutter for a long time but I stopped years ago, anyway, my left arm is filled with hyperthophic scars =S when I was younger I used to cover em with armwarmers...I used em everyday even at the beach and everything, then my arm looked completely different from the other one cause it wasn't tanned at all!!! =/ later I decided not to cover em anymoreNow I'm 21 and I never cover em up, I know people sometimes notice them but I don't care much... as long as they're not "important" my boyfriends parents!!! Everytime I spend time with em I do everything possible to keep my arm away from their vision and it sucks!!!! I don't want em to think I'm like emotionally unstable or something like that, my boyfriend says that's not what you think when you see them and it's ok but I don't know, I'd like to find a way to make them disappear, I hate to know that I wasn't strong enough to manage my emotions on a healthy way =/
My scars are ugly and they remind me of bad times, but I never try to cover them and I'm not ashamed of them. That's who I was at one point, and I never want to forget who I was, and they remind me what I've been through and that things aren't that bad.
I agree, i never want my scars to go away. They are also my battle scars, I feel like losing them would be losing a piece of me.
At first I tried to cover mine up because I was afraid that if people saw, they would try to take it away from me and I was absolutely not ready for that. I kept trying to tell myself it wasn't a big deal. I don't think I realized it was a serious problem for me until I was talking to the school shrink and I lied when she asked me if I ever think about hurting myself (With the mindset of, "No. I don't think about it. I just do it.") I was always afraid of making really obvious scars. I had a friend who was very very depressed when she was younger, and has these scars on the back of her arms that are very obvious. Like, people ask about them all the time. She owns it now. Like, she's very matter of fact about them, and doesn't try to cover them up. But I wasn't that brave. Now, mine are relatively faded, and the ones that aren't are basically scars that only I know about. Like, I have some on my right wrist that I can see, but that's really only because I know they are there. And I have one pretty obvious one on my left wrist but it is right around a crease in my skin, so I don't think people really notice it unless they're looking at it.


The only spots that scarred were on my upper thighs and a few on my tummy. I wish they weren't there, and I wish I'd known what I was getting into. >.> Now I can't just use the same fitting room with my mom at stores and the thought of even going to the beach with my family is traumatizing because then there's almost no way to hide them. And it makes me so uncomfortable when I get naked with a new person and then they ask where those scars came from. Some guys just keep their mouths shut and kiss them, though, which is very nice. c: I used to want the scars there for the same reason; as a reminder. But now they just make me feel awkward when someone sees them.


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