Life crisis and depression

A lot haso happened in the recent years. I went from being an 'A' student to barely being able to attend classes. I have been able to pass most of my classes

I was unable to get enough credits and since the education system is different in my region, I would need to wait another year to retake all of my classes.
I was diagnosed with depression a few years ago. That led to my grades slipping and my whole entire life plan destroyed. Since I was a very young girl, I would dream about being a scientist. I've always wanted to study physics. I was rejected at all of the universities that I applied to (I was not surprised). I have considered changing my entire life plan. I've been having issues lately.
Has anyone been in a similar situation? I don't know what to do. It feels as if my soul was shattered and I lost myself.
Thank you

I am sorry that happened. It will be OK. Get your depression treated. Then you will be able to feel happy again. You will be able to experience joy again. I hope you can find a medication that works for you. That will make a huge difference. Also I hope you can find support groups, group activities, stay connected with people. Also mindfulness meditation can help, or mindfulness motion exercises, such as yoga, qi-gong, tai-chi.

If you have the Knowledge Seeking peronality, then I suggest check out and see if you identify with the Rational personality type. Also check the book Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey.?

I suggest don't worry if it takes an extra year or two to complete school. Much more important is to take care of your mental health issues first so you are not miserable. If you have the Knowledge Seeking personality then you will be learning and figuring out the world for the rest of your life. You're already smart.?

One possibility, and I don't know you well enough, but some people who are uber smart, geeks, very technically competent, want to be scientists, but develop depression because they have difficulty socializing, they feel isolated. If that's the case you can study body language, flirting, and small talk. Meditation should help lessen social fear and anxiety.

My life didn't go as planned. It started out as planned, then took a sharp left, and it just insisted on going in its own direction, dragging me along for the ride, until I just scrapped the original plan cause this story is writing itself.

I did have the depression pretty severely, but I'm much better now. I did enjoy studying physics. And math. And astronomy. And you can study these things on your own. There are web sites and YouTube videos on everything, or you can procure an old fashioned book if you like. It's easy to pass a university class if you already know it. I think you'll need to study Calculus then you can study physics. Oh I also enjoyed studying computer pogramming.?

But get your depression treated. See a doctor. Get that fixed, then you can feel happy, enjoy life, enjoy learning, enjoy romance, companionship, enjoy whatever path your life takes.



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