I hope you can relate,

I'm so depressed it's not even funny. How the fuck can people that haven't been diagnosed and been through large amounts of emotional trauma post to social media things like"shittiest mood right now" with loads of crying faces and other stupid quotes when they have no fucking idea how small there problems are. If they experience so much fucking change in there childhood to the point where they're permanently emotionally scared, then yeah they would have the right to say any sad thing they fucking want. Well I have experienced the things that no child should ever have had happen to there lives in the short space of 6 years, and I have never once posted anything upsetting or depressing to all of my followers to see for fucking attention. All anyone here cares about is boy drama and followers and being popular, pretty and fake. I have so many fucking too-faced friends. People that suck all the attention they can get out of me because they convince me that they may just do something as stupid as self harm or suicide. And I drop everything to talk to them and help them, and it's all for nothing because they're always fine. The next day they will be hanging out with all the fake other people that were bitching about me just the other day, posting pictures to social media doing the same poses that cover up there faces, Whatever happened to just smiling? The other thing that drives me insane is my dad and Jennifer's relationship. First of all, she changed him. he was once a loving kind happily married father who used to sing me lullabies and read me to sleep. Now he's married someone else, who easily persuades him to do anything for her. From moving countries twice, talking about his own children behind there backs which everyone agrees is disgusting and to her moving out of the house to get a new fucking flat because she needs time alone which he is 100% fucking fine with which shows everyone how fucking blind he is. She's just using him. She's now trying to make him believe I'm jealous of there relationship by showing him 'scientifically proved articles.' Being upset that you're father married a gold-digging, life ruining, ruthless whore in the same year s you're mothers death does not mean I am quote 'Jealous' of anything, more disappointed and upset, to say the least. I mean come on, If the rest of our fucking family agrees with me and all our friends, then it must be true. He let down all of us, he is the one that broke so many hearts. We wouldn't be upset if he married a kind woman that could teach us new things and that had a heart and showed some respect for us, we would be happy. Someone who's soul purpose was not to just get what she wanted, whenever she wanted it, no matter how many hearts she had to break along the way. My dad thought I was fine with it because I was 7 and when he told us he was seeing someone, me or 5 year old joe frankly had no clue what that meant, Even as kids sitting on the stairs watching them sitting on grandmas blue sofa while she had her dog on the sofa, which mum specifically never wanted any pets on that sofa, snogging a man who no longer felt like our father. Nothing seems to get better for me. I wonder what the future will bring us.?I hate when people post things that are upsetting/triggering to social media to get attention. If you wanted help you would seek medical advice and help from specially trained therapists that know how to do there job. But nobody these days wants help, they want attention. And they want everyone to drop what they're doing to make them 'feel better.' When really they don't know the true extent to depression and grief. They should learn to make themselves better and not be upset when there friends have other things to do than 'cheer you up.' So they worry everyone to make it seem like they're getting worse, but there not. They're attention seeking whores. They treat these problems as if they're just a normal mood. Depression is a mental illness, not a joke. They need to learn to be more aware of this and not just throw the word around like it's meaningless because it makes me so fucking mad to tell someone I'm depressed and they treat it as if it's a normal thing. There is a huge fucking difference between feeling sad and depressed. I bet if I could ask someone what depression is they wouldn't give me the scientific reason behind it and what it is. It's an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, not just being in 'the shittiest mood ever.' Because I see that quote the most, and every girl at my school posts it for attention. If I went up to a single person at my school and say "When I was 11 I was diagnosed with depression." They would say something like "Ok? You're not the only one, God." Which is fucking stupid because there is a difference between being diagnosed with a mental illness and being sad for an hour or two.

I'm sorry your mother died. That must be very hard!

I'm even more sorry she was replaced by another woman who isn't kind to you, and she took away your father, and changed him, so you kinda lost him too.

I'm glad you understand clinical depression. That knowledge and experience will come in handy later on when you meet other people who have true clinical depression but don't understand it, and can't find anyone who does, and don't know where to go to get help.

(I know I'd prefer to skip the experience part, but since I have it now, I might as well make use of it.) Best wishes. I hope your dreams come true someday.

Thank you very much for your well wishes, if you can relate to this and have clinical depression i'm very sorry and hope that you are getting kindness and support from others, thanks.


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