Which is the best treatment for depression?

Hi all,
Does anyone here is suffering from anxiety and depression? Which all treatments are you trying to get rid of it? I'm planning to get an acupuncture therapy to treat my depression. Does anyone here had tried this treatment before? What is your experience on it? I read about the amazing benefits of acupuncture on anxiety and depression ( http://dynamicphysiotherapy.ca/blog/acupuncture/benefits-of-acupuncture-for-anxiety-and-depression/?). But I don't know which acupuncture is best for this. Is it okay to get an acupuncture treatment at the age of 17? While browsing I came to know that there are several types of acupuncture available and I got confused with the options. Which will be the best one for my problem? And how about the expense of it? Will it cover my insurance? It would be kind if someone shares your experience. Thank you in advance.?



I find that the best treatment for me personally is about taking time out from daily life and getting the balance between looking for jobs, studying, rest and social activities (one I struggle with every day) It's also about rewarding your self after doing an assignment or getting some school work done for Mr Jones and getting through tough times in your life.? I am not really into taking medication even though my depression can be severe at times and neither am I into therapies. Ever since i was diagnosed with severe depression about 6-7 years ago, i haven't really cared about talking therapies.? I have been on numerous medications, done every diet and exercise program known to man.


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