Totally depressed and wanna come out of it.

Hey everyone!

So what do you guys do when in depression?

I'm a kind of person who gets easily upset, and recently I've been in so many ups and downs, that I'm afraid I'm getting into a huge depression. I've always had trouble in relationships and have never gotten far with anyone. That was already pretty depressing for me. However, to forget all that and to just concentrate on what makes me happy, I started my own cake business. I love baking and I bake pretty well too. So I started my own cake business, with a small budget, to make cakes and cupakes for my colleagues at office. This was going pretty good and my friends suggested, I move on with the business and invest more on it. As suggested, I did and ended up in huge loss.

I had started making cakes for bakeries nearby and it cost me a lot to start with it. However, that didn't work and just left me with a huge debt. Also, trying to build up my own business, I wasn't able to concentrate on my work. So I quit my job too. Hence, I'm both in debt and I have no income now. I'm however, consulting a debt consolidation service, here in Toronto, with my mom's help and I'm hoping to get out of it soon. However, I have no much knowledge on this company. So in case anyone is aware, could please suggest whether it's a good one or not.?

But, such great failure is just killing me within. I've just lost all intrest in everything and I'm just not able to concentrate on anything. I'm not getting much confidence to attend any interviews either. the only thing I want to do all day is close myself in my room and do nothing. I hate meeting people and I hate going out. It's only for my mother, that I'm now getting through with this debt consolidation. Or else, I don't know where I'd be. So, I need advice on how I can get back to myself. I don't want to go for any medications. I just hate all that. Please suggest me what else I can do, to get my self out of this depression. I know it's bad and I want to try to get out of it myself without any doctors help. So would really appreciate to get some advice.

Thanks in advance.

if it helps, do you like walking, i find that exercising really helps lifts my mood and energy levels and although it doesn't actually cure the depression, it's one way to manage it.? Do you like reading? Perhaps settle down on a comfy sofa with a cup of coffee and a good book or perhaps try painting or drawing or colouring anything to take your mind off everything.
Have a look on youtube and find out what helps other people cope with the depression.


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