Just a rant... kicking myself

I have been feeling depressed recently because if I had just sucked it up while I was in high school, I could have my diploma right now. I could be living in a dorm as I type this and be going to a 4 year college. But instead, I dropped out of my high school. Now I have to go the GED and community college route. It's hard not to kick myself for it. And all I can say is there is going to be a lot of work to get this GED of mine... so basically tons of school on the side of 18 credit hours (I'm taking a lot of credit hours because I want 24 credit hours by the end of the semester. This way I can go to to a 4 year in fall 2017 without having to worry about ACT or SAT scores).

I'm about to study for some of the courses... just wanted to rant.

Ranting is great, don't feel bad about it! I know it may seem bothersome or whiny but you are just being honest and there's nothing wrong with that. Anyone who tells you otherwise can get over it. I know it seems like a long road now but keep your end goal in mind. Think about after you get your GED and the relief/freedom you'll have.?

I don't know you well, but I have faith in you, I'm rooting for you, and I look forward to your post about completing your GED. :)?

I know I'm gonna regret giving my thoughts but wanted too let you know that while I did graduate high school I did go too community college and I dropped out...twice I went too a community college that is typically a two year school but I went a total of 7 years in all, and as far as the school is concerned I'm only considered a sophomore. But I didn't wanna go to college my parents kind of had me go so I didn't bother doing anything I failed a lot and now am only half way to my degree 7 years later in a 2 year school so try not too beat yourself up too hard and try not too rush through.

Ohh yes! There are so many such times in life, where you wish you could just travel to your past and change things.?


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