A void that can't be filled

So I've never posted here before and before I write, this is not me trying to seek attention.?

Alright so, three years ago at about 15 I had planned to commit suicide at the end of October if I felt that my depression hadn't gotten better but, my mom found the note saying so. Anyway, for some time things got better but, I have found that external things doesn't really doesn't get rid of depression. I mean I try not to dwell on it by distracting myself with other activities but a void so to speak is still there . I'm trying but each passing year makes me question if my life worth living

Sometimes the problem isn't with the picture, the problem is with the camera.

Fortunately the camera can be fixed.

Best wishes.


What's the link to? and about the camera do you mean literally?

The link is to a story I thought might be helpful if you relate to it.

oh and the camera analogy is sometimes when the world looks like an awful place, it really isn't, it's just one's perception, which the story will explain.

Best wishes.

(did the link toto the story work OK?)


The link worked fine. It was an interesting read. It was like following the cycle of the emotions one experiences when depressed.

I know exactly how you feel, cause I'm some where going thorough the same phase too. But, would only tell you to hold on. Something good will happen. Will surely pray for you.


External circumstances are just part of every day life, they happen to every person but it's really about how you cope with the challenges and circumstances you face in your life and it also about getting the balance between work, rest and play that influences our decisions and moods.
Also it's about changing certain behaviours you have of adapted in your life, for example if you find that you have less energy rather aiming for the couchx and catching up with telly which can be quite unfulling, how about going for a walk and meet a friend for lunch or walking around the mall/shopping centre. Even the simplest things such as going grocery shopping can make you feel like you have accomplished something.
Do you have college or university work you can do, how about breaking it down into small manageable chunks and then rewarding yourself with an episode of your favourite telly programme on netflix or buying yourself a book to read once you have completed grocery shopping.


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