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If anyone needs support or advice feel free to reach out to me. I've experienced various mental health issues, and know how important it is to have someone to listen to you and to be there for you. I'd love to help any of you out, just message me!?

Hey Hana,
I have a best friend named Alice and I really care for her a lot. She older than me. She looks very beautiful, but for the past few days, she seemed to be very depressed. I asked her many times what's the reason, but she didn't express her feelings to me. So I kept on asking her and yesterday she said that she's getting old and she is not able to accept the fact. It was a bit weird for me because getting old is a part of our life, but I was not able to make her understand the fact. I don't know what to do and I cannot see her struggling like that. I even read articles to help her (, but I cannot get a clear idea. Hope you can help me out.?


I think the most you can do at this point is try to comfort her. If she is older, it's going to be hard to have her confide in you without feeling a bit misunderstood or even ridiculous. I would recommend you try to comfort her until she's ready to talk to you in depth about her feelings.?


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