I think I might be depressed or bipolar. please help me

Hi, so lately I have been feeling really bad. And before I start this I want to make it clear that I know depression is not something to joke around with. It is serious and im not just saying this because I am sad, it's more than that. I just can't seem to pull myself out of this, I feel worthless, sensitive, tired and sad almost all day. I have taken two online tests, and I know that they are not as good as a doctor's diagnosis but it's all I have, and I have tested highly for both severe depression and bipolar depression. I just don't know how to talk to my parents. I want help, but I feel like it will be too much trouble. They have already spent a lot on my glasses and allergies, and soon to be braces, and I don't want to put them through that. I don't think my dad would understand either. He is so critical of me, it makes me feel like I do everything wrong. I just want to tell someone. My list of symptoms is to long to list, but please help me. I am to the point of wanting to self harm and I don't know how much longer I can stay strong. Thank you.

Hey girl!!! I just wanted to say that I've dealt with similar stuff, and I definitely think that you should reach out and get professional help. Yes, it's tough, and it's a long road of recovery, but it just increases your quality of life beyond belief. If you can't pay for professional help you can for sure reach out to the various 24/7 hotlines that exist. Honestly, I'm always here to help so feel free to DM me or something.?

How about making an appointment to see your family doctor about it and see if he or she can help you or give you advice?
You could also look at all the areas of your life you are struggling with, whether it's school or college work, career decisions, money worries or problems with family and friends and see if you can change some of these issues. You could also think about changing different behaviours you may have adapted throughout the year and see if these can be changed.
For example, I found myself for a long time binge eating every time I felt stressed or I was alone and bored and it became quite repetitive and like an addiction.? So I decided on the first day of January 2017 to completely stop my binge eating, completely cut off sugar and junk food from my life and taking up regular daily exercise instead of sitting at home watching endless daytime rubbish. I also began using my job seeking and college work as a distraction so I wouldn't raid the fridge or buy myself a load of junk food from the grocery store. I also found that drinking more water throughout the day also helped to improve the binge eating situation. I no longer felt the physical urge to binge and felt fuller after meals and not constantly scoffing food.

I think you are under bipolar depression. My mom had this issue during her menopause. She had mood swings, depression and she refused to have food for two days. She was taken to a counseling session and he advised us to be with her always. She is under depression because she has no one to talk with. I am staying in a hostel and my dad is abroad. So staying alone can lead to depression. She is also suffering from dementia. So we sought help from a home care service in Toronto?to assist her. Now she is feeling better. To stay away from depression you need to engage yourself. Never sit alone. Hope you feel better soon.

Hi there lovely! It sounds like you are going through a tough time. Has anything in your life changed? How long have you been feeling this way? It seems like you have already looked into taking online tests, but as you already know, they aren't as accurate as a real professional diagnosis.And I agree, it is hard to talk to parents or others about how you are doing, but I certainly hope you do. Depression is hard to go through. In the mean time, if you ever want a kind, supportive person to talk to, 7 cups may be the place to go. http://www.7cups.com/13423563? It's free and confidential becuase we all need support sometimes.Take care!


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