My friends recently experienced one of my episodes

My friends experienced an episode of my depression, and now I'm not sure if our friendship will be the same. They are feeling awkward around me, and I thought we were close enough to move past this.?
I recently started journaling, and it's helping, and my boyfriend is TOTES amazing, but a girl needs her pals.
Anyone else out there with advice?

People unfamiliar with depression may not know what to do or how to respond, and that feels awkward.

You can coach them on what they should do.

e.g. "I just need someone to talk to. Just listen; don't try to fix things, just listen. That will help me." Or "I'll be OK in a few days. Right now I just need help getting through this. You can help by just being here."

Once they know what to do, then they know how to respond and it's not so awkward for them.

Journaling can help. Having an understanding boyfriend is amazing! (Congratulations!)


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