I fear I may become depressed

I can't make this short, but there's a tl;dr at the end. Before you critize me, you should read the entire thing to know how tight the love is.

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 6 months. Now that's it's the end of the school year, I can't see him anymore. I know, your gonna say "Well, just see him out of school". Well I can't. He's moving to Texas sometime in July. I'm going to be out of state two weeks this month, and I'd only be able to see him when I go skating. However, he only goes skating on Tuesdays, and I'll be out of state every Tuesday this month. We plan to possibly go to college together, but that'd be in 5 years. It's only been a day since I last saw him, and last night I did nothing but dream of him. I already miss him alot, probably more than a 13 year old should miss a guy. We had such a good relationship, and he had to leave early on the last day of school. I asked him if he could
ask his mom to stay, and we had what I thought would be our last hug and kiss. Then he left, and I went to my friends?​homeroom. I heard the door open, I looked, and saw his head peep through. He said his mom said he could stay until she found his sister. I showed him a magic trick my friend taught me, and we took two selfies (they'll live forever on my phone). We had our last hug and kiss, (he later told me that he almost cried while we were hugging) and then he had to leave. I looked over at the door, and saw our homeroom teacher (who always called us out for PDA, but this time she let it slip, thankfully) watching us. I let him go, and about 30 minutes later I cracked my phone. We plan to have a suspended relationship, rather than a long distance relationship, so we can still date other people (well, most likely just me, since I don't think anyone else would want him). How can I avoid getting depressed from missing him?

tl;dr- He's moving away, how can I avoid getting depressed from missing him. We're going to have a suspended relationship. (Meaning we can date other people.)?​


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