Sigh.. I've been here before!

I have just recently came out of a two year abusive relationship with my partner. We have a daughter together who I very much love. I lost all my friends and my family are never any help. I havent told anyone about my ex partner being abusive as I am ashamed that I let it go on. In fact what a terrible mum I was to carry it on, I was just so afraid of losing everything. I never realised how much I have closed in on myself, I tell no one how I feel and I have no friends to even talk to. It kills me to even think about my future because I just generally don't think it will carry any good. Im doing my best for my daughter, Im getting my education and getting ready to go to university to support her, I give her all my love and care but I just feel so guilty. I know when she's older she'll resent me. 

Ive made so many bad choices,I dont even know myself anymore. I can't remember the last time I was truly happy. Blah... Sorry for the rant

This is what happened with me and my Mom. Don't worry she wont resent and hate you. My dad was abusive when he was drunk and that's why my mom left him. I was still forced to go over to his house every weekend and endure it. My mom didn't believe what was going on, she was in a great state of depression. I stopped telling her about things that were happening (even though things were getting worse) she found bruises I'd make an excuse ect. well I'm kinda ranting but what I mean is we moved and got close to family she reached out and forgave herself. That is the BEST thing you can do for your daughter, don't feel guilty. Have hope. I'm 17 now and really close to my Mom, she came to me was open and honest about what was going on and apoligized. I love her more than anything. Have hope thing will get better.

Thank you this really shone a light on my situation. I love my ex boyfriend to bits even though what he has put me through is so wrong. Im sorry you had to expierience that but I am glad that you and your mum have a good relationship now. Thank you again for giving me hope <3


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