I have depression and im seeking help but i cant :/

So i have felt like **bleep** for two years, it was two weeks ago a doctor found out about it and diagnosed me with depression  do see the school councillor but she does nothing. Really i want to see a professional but when i ask my mum, she is like nah i dont think you have depression So how do i tell her that i really do ! and that i want to help myself! i used to cut as well but nobody knows that, so yeah im trying to help myself but i dont know how to tell her :/

i don't know if you feel comfortable telling your mom about your cutting, but i'd try and find a way to sit down and talk with her, tell her that you're not looking for advice, but that you just want to do the talking and have her listen. then tell her about how you feel/felt, some of the struggles you face. mention that it makes you nervous (or a similiar word or your choice) when you get really depressed (as it can be severe and sometimes we don't know what we're going to be inclined to do when it hits us) and want to get help to overcome it. if you can't get her convinced, see if you can get a school counselor or professional to talk to her about it. sometimes a doctor's referal to a professional counselor can help. congratulations on wanting help too. good luck, and i hope you can find that support system in your mom

Sometimes parents just don't want to see that something is wrong. I remember telling my father that I needed help and showing him my cuts and he said, "You have demons in your head and they have moved in and set up camp. You need to pray." And he made me sit down and pray. That was it. I don't think prayer was what I needed cause it finally took a suicide attempt a few years later for people to see that I want okay. No matter what I told them, no one wanted to hear it. 


If you tell your mother and she still doesn't listen you are going to have to get the help yourself. Do not wait until you end up where I did. I don't know how old you are, but go see a counselor. Even if its just a school counselor. They have other resources for you as well. You need to get the help while you still can. I hope everything works out for you!


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