hes the only one who can make me smile..

hey! so i just recently fell into depression and i am sick of it already! my parents fight with each other ALL THE TIME! and i have very abussive brothers! UGH. so anyway, the other day i was thinking that the only person that could actually make me smile and be happy is my crush, matt. we used to be really good friends whenwe were little but we kinda stopped  talking. (idk why though). he moved almost right next to me and i see him alot! its so weird cause when my depression really kicks in, i take my dog for a walk and i see him and all my bad thoughtjust..go away. its so amazing. i dont know what to do..i come from a very strict family and they would have a heart attack if they find out that he is the only single person who can make me smile. but seriously i need help! what should i do?? please please pleaseee help me! :smileyfrustrated:

I know exactly what you mean about one person making you happy. Just talk to him, you don't have to like tell him everything and how your feeling. Just talk in general, if he makes you happy then go for it. Just dont let yourself get attached to him, because then it could all back fire.


Here if you ever want to talk.


Lauren xx


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