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do you ever feel as though nobody was there to help you along that lonely road? as you walk you can only see that one person that will always stand by yuh through thick and thin.... it started when i was small in the 5th grade  and throughout that the name "UGLY"  was called everyday and you have a mashache and you are a man, kids at that school made me feel incomplete i never told my mom she wouldnt understand ... kids hurt me so bad i never looked in the mirror because i believe thier lies and stories, never took pictures always thought what they where saying was true. 6 and 7th grade was the same and when i hit 8 th grade something change i looked in the mirror and looked at myself and said im not ugly but then it stills happen today and when i talk to boys i dont look at them in their face i look down because i still feel as though im still that slim scared and non talk-active little girl... i dont no what to do honestly???

     KEEP TELLING YOURSELF YOU AREN'T UGLY! When you look in the mirror and do this, you are doing everything right. When you walk away from the mirror, you just need to keep this same confidence. 

     I wasn't that cute of a kid but now people tell me that I'm beaufiful AND confident. This is because I actually believe that I am. Everyone goes through a couple awkward phases in their life, but who wants to be friends with people that make fun of them and call them ugly? No one. These people might even be jealous of you!

     As far as the boy situation, always look them in the eyes. Guys love when girls can be so confident and so sure of themself. You arent the little girl that you used to be, show them that you have changed. 

     Maybe you can have a little photoshoot with your good friends. But make it a fun, goofy photoshoot with crazy makeup. Show other people that you don't care about your looks. They will love to see such a carefree, silly attitude.


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