Its happening again.

So I'm new to this whole thing, so I hope you can bare with me.

Two years ago May 3rd I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after I attempted suicide three times. Since then Ive had ups and downs but never to the point of before. I think its partly due to the medicaion but still.

Recently, my boyfriend broke up with me and started dating someone else, seemingly forgetting all about me and our plans. I cannot explain how much this has impacted me and crushed me. On top of that school is not working out like I would like it too, I'm so stressed out with work and trying to provide for myself and my family. Its gotten to a point where all I do when home is lay on the couch. I cry about everything and today I considered the ramifications of just driving off the road by accident. 

I hate that I am going back to this place but I dont know how not too.


If anyone has some form of wisdom, help anything....I dont want to be move from sad to numb... but being numb is the only way I can see to end this feelings

The worst thing you can do is rely on other people to make you happy. People aren't always honest and are extremely hard to rely on. Maybe you should take a break from the place your at, around better people. I've traveled all over the US and there are so many great people that are just waiting for you with their arms wide open. Most of all keep your chin up, sweetie. There's a silver lining to every cloud, while you might feel like you don't have friends, that's not true. More people care about you than you think and suicide is never the answer.


If you ever need someone to talk to, no matter what time of day, message me.


Just remember, It does get better!

Listen sweety,if your boyfriend left you for another girl,I know it's painful,but consider yourself lucky! Why would you want someone who doesn't appreciate you? If your getting depressed it's a bad idea being in the house a lot,why don't you try exercising? Walking out more? Even learning a martial art? Actually you should,not only you would know how to protect yourself but it gives you a lot more confidence.I know life seems hard now,but keep working hard! After a storm theres always a rainbow! Your not alone here.


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