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I recently went to an appointment I had set up with a counseler to talk about depression. I went there and talked for a while about the little problems at home like how my parents argue a lot, my mom argues with me a lot, and that I don't have any friends. I really wanted to get around to my depression but I just couldn't find the words. She called me in again and we talked more about those things and she is going to help me meet a few people and get along better with my mom. But how do I bring up my sadness at our next talk, which will be next week?I know I have to tell her by then. She's really nice and I know she can help me, but when I try to tell her it's like my mouth won't work. What do I do?

Don't worry i have had this problem too. It was last school year and i had almost taken my life and the next day it really hhit me hard. When i was sent to the counselors office i wasnt able to say a thing and i didnt know how to bring it up. I think that when you go ask if you can work up your courage cuz i know its hard to explain what your feeling sometimes. Then just let all your problems out in words. Also before try to find out what kind of expresser you are. Some people talk out their problems but some people write, draw, sing,dance etc. So try to find what would make it easy to express your sadness in a way that makes you comfortable with sharing.


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