Confused and Hurt

Do you ever get that feeling that you arent good enough? That you're too short or too fat.. Your hair isnt long enough or something small and stupid like that? Well thats how I am starting to feel all the time.. I am a senior in Highschool and I feel as if I am at my breaking point.. I act like everything is ok .. Most of the time people have no idea that anything is wrong with me because I always have a smile on my face.. but the truth is I am so tired of all the disrepect I get from my so called friends, I go to a very small school and have known and grown up with all of these people since 1st grade. The guys make rude comments or stare at me and mumble things under there breathe, I dont want to deal with this anymore, I am a senior and this is my last year here and I want to have fun and be myself,  but thats hard to do when people are always trying to put me down. I usually ignore what people say to me because thats just who I am... I feel like I am at that point where I shouldnt try anymore, I feel like im too big or too ugly, I hate looking in the mirror and taking pictures, I dont like getting dressed up or going shopping because I feel like I look discusting in everything I wear ! Someone help me? What should I do?

I know exactly how that feels. I am a junior in high school and I'm going through the same thing. The important thing to realize is that you are good enough. I know that there's times when I feel really low and I do things that I probably shouldn't do but always remember that there is always someone there for you. And if ever you need to talk, you can message me and I will be more than glad to help you out.

I know the feeling. For a long time I hated myself so much. I despised my hair, face, and body. It's not too bad now, but sometimes my family makes it pop up again (long story). Eventually I just got more bitter and sour. It was almost like there were two of me: a scared, insecure one and a tough, strong one who stuck up for me. I knew that if anyone ever tried to make fun of me, my tough part would come out. It would unleash the freaking Kraken. Luckilly that part has never needed to come out.

So my advice is this: Find the tough part of you. Defend all the good things about yourself. I did it and my tough part's reassurance stopped me from cutting and getting an eating disorder. It may not be the best advice, but it worked for me.

And remember--you're perfect just the way you are :)

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