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hi gurls,


is anyone else going through a really difficult time right now? i feel so down all the time and have no motivation to do anything. 

my grades are slipping, i'm finding it harder to make an effort with my friends and i don't even want to learn to drive anymore. i'm so sick of feeling like this and being so stressed all the time. i am so far behind with all my work, even though i'm trying really hard, which probably doesn't help. i've been ill so much recently. i have zero confidence at the moment.

my parents are being really difficult and keep getting mad at me when i get upset. i cry over the littlest things, so i know it's frustrating; i was trying to park my car at my house earlier and i just couldn't do it, so i got out of the car before i could do something stupid. i got yelled at when i was already in a state, and i just need a hug instead of being ignored and having doors slammed on me.

i just feel so unhappy, and i'm questioning everything. i don't even know if i want to go to college next year anymore. 

my heart's not in anything, and i feel pretty lonely, because none of my friends really get how i feel.

i wouldn't wish it on them, but i have to downplay it so they don't think i'm being dramatic.

has anyone else been through a similar situation? 

I feel that way a lot although it is becoming better. I know what you're going through and I'm here if you need to talk, I have a few things I do to cope with my depression and I know it can help to just have a listening ear.

PM me if you want

thank you so much for replying:)

how do you cope? i've been feeling like this on and off for years and it's just getting exhausting!

sorry i didn't get back sooner, college has been super stressful this week:(


Well the first thing I tried when I was younger was turning off my emotions.. Don't do that it's terrible and it was really hard to get back to being myself. Really just talking to someone about what's going on can help so so much, I don't know why but it does. Music, music really helps it's my life, I play 4 different instruments and listen to music that describes my mood, it helps me to express those emotions and after a while of that I'll start to feel better :) Video games and books, they help me escape into a different world when the one we live in becomes too much to bear. Don't use that escape too much though because you DO need to deal with those emotions, but sometimes you can't handle it right then and you need to just read a good book or play an RPG. The most important thing though is to actually deal with the problem, find out why you're feeling that way and then figure out what you can do to make it better. Working out or some kind of physical activity is great, it helps get your blood flowing and releases endorphins (the feel good chemical.) Sometimes if I'm feeling down I'll go out for a run or go to the gym. Maybe you've tried all this I don't know, but it's what I personally do. And some days will be worse than others just try to look on the good side and keep your head held high it will get better. Oh ad don't pull away from friends it makes you feel even more alone and just makes everything worse. And try to remember all they are, are emotions, YOU have control over them, no one else.

 Do you maybe have depression? It's a chemical imbalance and you should probably see your doctor about it if it runs in your family.

I understand completely. And honestly, the only wa y to get better is to tell someone. At first, I was completely angry when my parents found out, but you need to tell your parents. Because even if not at first they WILL help you. They love you and will do anything to help you. Anything you need because parents don't want their child to be sad. 

 I'm going through a difficult time too. I feel the same way as you. I always thought about killing my self because everything I do falls apart in a snap. I try so hard to do things right and it ends up worse then before. I understand how your friends doesn't get it my friends doesn't ether they always talk about how this person might have this disorder and that . I just want to tell them that you don't get it like you don't even know what's going on in my life.  You can leave messages to talk to me if you want.




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thank you so much for all your replies. you've all been so helpful and kind:)

i go to counselling and have done for a long time, but i went a couple weeks ago and realised how many issues i actually have with things that just keep coming back up and biting me in the a**.


i LOVE the gym. i've been going a lot recently and i'm starting to feel better! it's so exhausting though haha, i went earlier and now my legs are killing me, i swear, LOL! i try to go 3x a week and i am so shocked at how i can already see results!


i think i have depression on and off, really. it gets quite difficult sometimes as little things can trigger it, but hopefully i can put all that behind me. my friends at the moment are all pretty useless; all the people i thought i could count on have turned out to be the kind of people i thought they never were.


i guess trying to come to terms with that whilst battling with college work and general stress sometimes completely overwhelms me. it's a shame cause i always try to give my best to people, but the saying about people eventually showing their true colours and stuff is so right. i do have lovely friends though, and a silly but great boyfriend, and of course i'm so unbelievably grateful you guys replied. finding this site was one of the best things i've ever done.


my parents are aware of my depression, but i don't think they really understand the extent. some of my friends choose to ignore that it's there when i'm having a really bad day. for them it's still got this stigma, which is disheartening. i haven't had any really, really bad days for a week or so now, but i did have an exam today that i think i failed hard.. oh well!


how are you guys feeling? if any of you ever need to talk then please inbox me, and i'll write back. sorry for being so slow to reply, i've had my head stuck in books for weeks now. all my finals are here.. yikes hahaha xx

I've felt EXACTLY how you've described when you're depressed. I have the type of depression that comes and goes too. It really does suck and I totally understand. Counseling is great and I became even better when my counselor suggested seeing a doctor about antidepressants. They're helpful, but sometimes that low mood creeps back up on you. You can definitely message me if you ever need to talk :) depression is tough but it can be managed.  

thank you so much! i love your signature!

i thought about getting anti-depressants, but i live in the uk so they're all different over here. i'm going to do a bit more research and see what i can find out. i think i might need them just to get myself through the really, really stressful times, because those seem to be the times i really lose it.

i love counselling, i sometimes wish i went more. it's so helpful. i've been going for years now.

it's weird, some days i will be absolutely fine and others i will be so down that i'm pretty much useless.. 

life is so strange.

thank you, you too, honestly. if you're ever having a bad day just message me and i'll write back!



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