I think I have depression and I know I should talk to someone about it but its hard to say it all out loud without thinking that people are judging me, but someone suggested writing it all down for someone to read, so here goes. Around Christmas I started getting really down and wouldn't talk to anyone and just couldn't get happy, I remember Christmas Day really well cause I shut myself in my room for most of it and just stared at the roof. Then it just got worse and worse my best friend and my dad moved away, and now one of my other friends is moving to London and I'll never see her again. Some days I wake up and think about how much easier it would be if I just killed myself but I never do. I used to be so happy and quick to laugh and now only something where everyone else is falling over cause their laughing so hard do I smile. I used to wake up and talk to my family and after school I'd ask them how their day was and now I might speak to them once a day if that on the rare occasion twice. I'm a shadow of my former self does anyone know what to do or how to help! Please I'm begging because everything I've tried hasn't worked

I really know how you feel. I always thought about killing my self. I always thought that killing my self was going to make it easier but it's not . I can't give you so much advice because I'm still going through a lot like you are. Try to talk to someone because keeping it in will make it worse cause I do it all the time and when it's  so much  I have a big breakdown and everyday it gets worse. Try to express your feelings in a different way if you don't want to talk to someone. You can talk me if you want about it.



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