I dont know if this is depression, but please help, anyone?

Ive had my ups and downs in life. And I know life is rough, but for some reason ive just been questioning everything lately. And i get really upset and worried.

I love my family more than anything in this world. And It makes me sad that one day ill lose them because everyone has to die at a point. My mom passed away three years ago and i dont want that to happen to any one else..

I feel like life is so short and so repetitive. like everyone kinda goes through the same thing.. child life, teen life, college, caeer, family, old age, then dies.

I just started college and maybe thats why ive been questioning stuff..  but ive always been super positive. im just afraid of things never getting better...

     It is normal to have a lot of questions when you first get to college. It feels like all the sudden you need to decide which direction you want to take your life in. RELAX! Enjoy it for awhile, when you get further along in your studies (after all the general education classes) you can start to buckle down and concentrate on your future.

     However, your mom passing away isn't really something that happens to everyone. You may be suffering from depression or many even anxiety from just this one event. It seems like it has made you think of life as something that will just end anyways so what's the point. But you can't think this way! You have to stay positive. I'm sure your mom would want you to live your life to the fullest.

     Maybe start talking to a counselor about why you are feeling this upset and worry. If it really is critical and has been going on for years now, they will diagnose you.


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