I don't know what's wrong :/

I don't even know where to start.  I'm 15 years old and I know some people are just gunna think im just some little kid who doesn't worry about anything blah blah blah..I used to be the most bubbly person and happy all the time, but I'm so drained all the time, don't want to do anything or see anyone. I worry about everything even the stupidest little things could have me worked up. I've lost interest in school work and i could spend every evening crying for no reason at all. I feel like everyone hates me in school which makes it so hard to face, pretending im sick just so i wont have to go in. I feel like my family have started to get sick of me because they don't talk to me like we used to as a family. I have so many problems and i can't tell anyone because they either wont care or they wont understand And I find it hard to express or put into words how I'm feeling, this isn't even near everything going. And I'm not an 'attention seeker' this is the first I've talked about it because I'm starting to get worried, I really don't know what to do anymore :/


I suggest talking to a school counselor, because they tend to help more than they are given credit for. You could write hem a note if you're uncomfortable talking at first. Trust me, it's their job to help you out :)

I'm sorry you're going through that :/
talking to a counselor really does help! I've been through depression, and idk, talking it out always helped me
and also, i think at 15 was when i first became depressed, and i just wanna say, that its normal to experience phases of being upset
just because you feel this way now and its probably overwhelming, doesnt mean you always will, and im sure you wont~
also, its lame and cliche, but finding a hobby, or just something to distract yourself and put your energy into
really helpss~
if you ever just dont have anyone to talk to, pm me :)


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