Has anyone ever had that sentimental feeling while being depressed?

I noticed that every time I get depressed, I start to feel really sentimental and incomplete about things. I know this sounds so stupid, but recently I threw out my old Lip Smackers that I had for about 15 yrs now. I didn't start feeling bad until I started looking at pictures of Lip Smackers. It just made me miss the 90s and my childhood in general. I started to feel really bad about throwing out my old lip smackers because it feels like I threw out piece of my childhood. I was also like this last summer when I started feeling really sentimental about my old stuffed animals that I couldn't find or perhaps don't have anymore. I just keep feeling like there's nothing left around me like it's all gone.

it's not strange to get attached to material things, especially when you have depression. a lot of times it stems from a feeling of lack of control in your life, and those things you hold onto seem like the only constant in your life, and they keep a part of you in that moment of your life when everything was better. it can be scary to let go of them without feeling like you're suddenly forced to continue forward alone in the things that make you uncomfortable or even nervous or unmotivated at times, but if you can work through your depression, i promise it does get better. i've felt that way before, for a long time, but if you can start by finding one thing that distracts you from those thoughts in a positive way, a little at a time, you can overcome it :)

I'm not sure if it's sentimental, or guilt. I have guilt like that too that comes from my obsessive-compulsive disorder. Overall, you shouldn't have to feel guilty about this. Try to think about it and simply accept. "Yes I threw that out, and no, I'm not going to feel guilty about it" You're in the middle of a battle with your brain and you can outthink. Stay positive.

When I get depressed my brain naturally starts to wonder why. Problem is I already know why. It's not the world, it's me. The picture looks bad not because the world is bad, but because the camera is broken. I'm broken. I just need to adjust my meds. Problem is my brain doesn't know that, so it keeps thinking back to every time in my past I felt the same, and it appears my past life is riddled with endless depression, which isn't totally accurate, there have been many happy times in the past. Or it tries to come up with an explanation, like I was happy when I had certain items which I now no longer have, so it must be because I got rid of those items, because I was happier back then, but actually I know it has nothing to do with that. Happiness is a condition of the body. I just need to get my body and brain back into shape. Hope you feel better soon.


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