Get over it?
My first love and close friend died a little over a 11 months ago. My older brother keeps telling me I need to get over it. Is he right? Am I grieving too long and just need to get over it? I want to be okay.... But I just can't. It hurts so much. He was only 13, he was too young. It makes it even harder :'(

I'm really sorry that that happened, and I don't think it's very fair of your brother to say that. Everyone copes in different ways and at different rates. I think as long as your grieving isn't interferring with your every day life that it's perfectly natural to be upset about it for a while. I actually find it harder to get over things when people tell me I should, it makes me hold on to it longer. Don't push yourself to forget it, but don't stay locked on it either! Live your life, and remember him for how he lived, not how he passed. <3

Thank you, this helped a lot and made me feel so much better!

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