help please

i have nobody all my friends left me for no reason none at all except for one who is too busy for me. i feel like nobody can deal with me. my parents hate me my mother tells me daily. i have nobody to talk to at all about things im so fcked up and i cant do anything about it except sit in my room and cry every day nobody loves me and thats the honest to god truth if i were to kill myself nobody would care. people tell me im annoying and i feel so ugly all the time i have to self confidence i sit in school thinking abotu killing myself becuase of how sad i am all the time. i try to do sports but i end up quitting because i have no motivation to go and i suck i try really hard not to but i just cant. im failing al my classes and i have so much pressure on me and i cant deal with it anymore i want it all to end but i ant bring myself to do it i have nobody to talk to the guidance counselor is a joke how do i get everything to stop i want everything to end 

Hi :) I want you to know that I'll be your friend and am here to talk if you need me. I'm 15 I don't know you I know but I think all life is valuable and would care very much if you killed yourself so please don't. I'll be your friend please talk to me and I'll do all I can to help life is hard I know but hopefully I can make it just a little easier for you...

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