This is new to me; Depression support. asap please.

This is about my Boyfriend. He thinks he needs to start taking anti-depressants very soon. He is trying to give up on everything because he says he doesn't remember what it is like to be happy anymore. We now live together so this is a big part of my life as well. I've never had to deal with something like this before so I don't know how to help. I've tried giving advise because I've read tons of things on what people with depression should do but I find myself repeating what I've already said. I try very hard to stay strong for him and do anything I think will help but nothing even slightly helps him.


His main worrys and depression evolve around work and school. He doesn't think he is going anywhere in life. We are 20 and 21 and doesn't believe he can have any fun because he is failing at life. The only person he talks to about this is me. So I feel like its my responsibility to help.


Has anyone been in this situation before?? Or Know what helps you personally with depression that other people do or don't do??


I cry everytime he leaves because I see the pain in his eyes and I know I can't even help.

This story here will give you the understanding and hope that both of you need:


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