How do I cope?

So I've known that i have depression for years now, But no one but my sister and my vlose friennds believe me. I also happen to have anxiety. My biological mom (whome i live with along with my half sister and her father) treats me like im not worth it. Like nothing i ever do is good enough. This is literally the cause of my depression. Her fiances daughter is a major part in it, she showed me how little my existance means to her mom. Her father is the cause of my anxiety, He has untreaed anger management issues. and as i grew up he began touching me and watching me, not enough for anyone to report it. Just enough so that? my mother didnt care and that no one would notice. The onl person that i can really talk to is my sister and my mother took my phone so i cant get in contact with her. I dont know what to do At this point. I dont want to turn back to cutting, so im here instead plese help

So sorry. Keep reaching out. Someone who understands and? cares very much is close by.


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